8 Clear Signs A Horse Likes & Trusts You

Horses enjoy being around other horses and are social animals. Horses often have close relationships with their owners. Your horse will show affection for you after spending time with you. There are many ways to tell if your horse is interested in you.

Here are 8 Signs Your Horse Trusts You

1. They come up to greet you

Horses that like you will come to you when you call. Horses may jump up to the fence, or wait eagerly at their stall doors for you. Horses will greet you if they are eager to meet you. Horses are eager to spend time with people when they greet them.

2. They will nicker or whinny for you

Horses will often whine and nicker at people they know. When they want to attract attention, horses will often nicker or whine with their friends. If your horse nickers when you approach, it means they are excited to meet you. They will nicker when they hear you coming, a sign that they are excited to see you.

3. They rest their head on you

It’s a sign that a horse trusts you when they rest their head on your chest. They are comfortable around you, and they trust you enough to place their head on your chest. Horses that rest their heads on your chest are showing affection and a bonding gesture. You can tell they love being around you. It’s their way of hugging you.

4. They nudge you

Although nudging could also refer to other things, it’s often associated with a horse showing affection towards you. Nudging could be described as a horse hugging you or kissing you. Horses will often gently nudge you to pay attention if they like you. Horses may gently nudge you to show their affection. You may also get a lick or lip from them in return.

5. They are relaxed around you

Horses that are relaxed around you indicate they trust and like you. It is a sign that your horse feels safe around you when they are relaxed.

What a horse likes and trusts?

You can tell if your horse is relaxed by them licking and chewing, lowering and breathing deeply, and even cocking their back legs. Horses that trust you will be able to relax around you. A horse that allows you to approach them while they lie down is a sign of trust. Horses can be vulnerable while lying down so if they allow you to approach them while they’re lying down, they will show you a lot of trust and love.

6. They will marry you back

Grooming your horse is one of the most rewarding ways to bond. Your horse will treat you like a friend when you groom them. Horses will groom one another in the wild because they feel good and it’s a way to show their affection. They will nibble on each other’s necks, withers, and backs. It is their way to groom you if your horse nibbles on your head or shoulder. It is their way of showing you that they love you. You can also check out our guide to the best horse grooming tools.

7. They show respect

Respect is an indicator of trust in horses. Respect is earned when your horse trusts you and likes you. Horses that trust you will regard you as a leader. Respect your space and obey your commands. Respect is shown by horses that are willing to follow your commands. Some horses will follow their owners wherever they go. Horses will follow you around, trusting you to care for them. This is how they show respect for you.

8. They breathe on your Face

Respect and trust are shown when a horse takes a deep breath on your face and comes up to you. Horses will gently blow air through each other’s nostrils to show affection. Horses will blow on your face if they feel you are a trusted companion. If they consider you a member of their family, horses will blow on your face. It is one of the most popular ways horses show their affection for the ones they love.

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