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Spain is a country that has a long history of horse riding tourism. It even has a unique breed of horses. You can book a variety of experiences, including trips to equestrian inns, carriage rides in the country, and even a beginner’s class if you are looking to see landscapes that span from vast mountains to large plains. We’ll show you why horse riding in Spain is a great option if you are a regular rider or a lover of horses. Horse-riding tourism in the Sierra Nevada National Park, Granada (Andalusia)Horse-riding tourism in the Sierra Nevada National Park, Granada (Andalusia).

Emblematic areas

Spain has a number of highly recommended places for horse riding. Andalusia will make you fall in love. The landscapes range from the Donna National Park through pine forests and dunes to Sierra Nevada with a tour to the highest peaks of the Peninsula. If you prefer to ride on horseback, we recommend the Ebro Delta. The Picos De Europa and Pyrenees are great for viewing countryside landscapes. The Silver Route through Asturias The Silver Route through Asturias (c). Federacion de Ciclismo del Princip ado de Asturias

Original routes

There are more than 40 certified equestrian routes in Spain. Some are quite unique and others cater to all tastes. The “Don Quixote, on horseback”, route will take riders through the natural areas that are part of Cervantes’ famous novel, like the Lagunas de Ruidera Natural Park. The “Volcanic Road” will allow you to reach Cerros de Agras Volcano, which is the only volcano accessible in the region. A horse ride on Europe’s most extensive network of cattle trails could be a memorable experience. You can also admire the passing of bulls, cows, and sheep led by their cowboys. Or you could complete a historical itinerary like the Via de la Plata.

Minorca Horse riding tourism

The Nature Paths and Green Ways are one of Spain’s greatest natural attractions. There are approximately 10,000 km of these routes, which have been created from old roads and used them to allow for cycling, hiking and horseback riding. Cami de Cavalls Nature Path is one of the most stunning examples: It spans 185 kms among turquoise coves and forests, as well as cliffs bordering Minorca.

Strolling a horse with a child

Spanish equestrian centers have great facilities for practicing this sport. They offer riding lessons for all levels and carriage rides for families. Equestrian tourism companies and associations organize routes that last anywhere from an hour to several days depending on riding ability. These routes are accompanied by adapted inns with stables, experienced guides, and a team consisting of farriers, veterinarians, and riders. Smaller rural hotels are also becoming more popular, offering riding lessons and original proposals like horse riding on nights with full moons. Equestrian show: Passion and Spirit of Andalusian Horse Equestrian Show, Passion and Spirit of Andalusian Horse (c/ Turismo de Cordoba)

Get up close to a Spanish thoroughbred

The Spanish equine breed is a symbol for Spanish culture. It is one of the most valuable and oldest in the world. Its history goes back to Seneca’s time, when it was called the “horse from Hispania”. King Philip II, however, decided in the 16th century to build the Royal Stables at Cordoba and create a new breed “perfect horse”. These stables are still open to the public, and you can see the equestrian show “Pasion y Duende del Carballo Adaluz”, which is at dusk. The Royal Andalusian school of equestrian art offers shows in Jerez, Andalusia. There are many festivals all across Spain where you can see horses and riders in traditional costumes.

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