Top 10 Mythical Horses & Their Mythology

Horses and humans have been bonded for thousands of years. Horses are part of myths and legends. Humans have a deep love for them. For centuries, people have shared stories about mythical horse beings.

The Hippogriff, Unicorn and Centaur are some of the most popular mythical horse creatures. These mythical horses are often portrayed as powerful and important animals, and have been an integral part of many cultures.

These are the top 10 mythical horses:

Tulpar mythical horse

Tulpars, which are black-colored or white flying horses, were first mentioned in Turkish mythology. Tulpars were known for their speed and flight, but they are often associated with their wings. Tulpars are also mentioned in Asain legends. Tulpar remains were believed to have been used in the invention of the fiddle.


Bucephalus, Alexander the Great’s beloved mount, was the most well-known horse to ever live. His black coat was adorned with a white star at his forehead. He was uncontrollable and wild, causing fear among people. Young Alexander eventually tamed him and made Bucephalus his trusted mount for battle. Alexander claimed that Bucephalus was afraid of his shadow and would therefore turn his head towards the sun when mounting him. Legends about this once powerful horse have been written to suggest that he was also a man-eater after his death.


Colima, a powerful winged horse from Korean mythology, is called Colima. Colima was able to travel long distances at high speeds and cover thousands of miles per day. Colima was too fast to be ridden even by mortals. No man was ever able to control him.


Hippocampus, a Greek mythological fish-tailed horse, is the Hippocampus. Ancient Greeks believed the hippocampus to be the adult form of the creature known as the sea horse. Legend has it that the hippocampus was the pulley of Poseidon, and they were used often as mounts for nymphs or other sea creatures.


The Norse mythology refers to Sleepier as an eight-legged horse. Sleepier was ridden by Oden and had a grey coat like the thunderclouds. He also had an unmatched strength. Sleepier was reputed to be the “best among horses”, able to out-gallop, kick, jump, and whine all other horses.


A centaur is one of the most mythical horses. It has both the upper body and lower body of an animal, making it one of the most unusual mythical horses. Although they were initially depicted as chaotic and barbaric in Greek mythology, some stories describe them more as friendly creatures. They can speak like humans and have the speed and power of horses.


Hippogriffs are a powerful and fast magical creature that is part of today’s wizarding world. They have the back of a horse and the front of an eagle. The first Greek mythology record of hippogriffs was in Greek mythology. They are believed to have been born from a griffin mare. Although they are fierce, many tales describe them being a symbol for love. A mare and a Griffin are their natural enemies.


According to Scottish folklore, kelpies are water spirits that can transform into any shape you like. They most often take the form of a horse. These magical horses can be seen in all kinds of water throughout Scotland. Legend has it that Kelpies have a darker side to them, and would drown innocent human victims if they were lured onto their backs.


Pegasus, the most famous Greek mythological horse creature, is known for his white coat and powerful wings. The mythical horse creature, which is believed to have been born from Medusa or Poseidon, has the ability to create streams wherever his hoof strikes. Pegasus was believed to have been the noble stead of mortal Bellerophon. Bellerophon, after slaying many evil monsters together believed he was worthy of riding to Mount Olympus’ summit. However, he was struck by Zeus while on the way up and was thrown to his deaths. Pegasus reached the top of Olympus, where he pulled a thunderbolt-chariot for Zeus for several years. Pegasus was rewarded by Zeus for his tireless service. This constellation still bears his name today.

Unicorn meets a woman

The unicorn is perhaps the most beloved mythical horse. Unicorns are often depicted as striking white horses with beautiful spiraled ears. Unicorns are not always depicted as the stunning creature we know today. Legends of unicorns spread across cultures. The fourth century saw the first stories of unicorns. A Greek doctor Ectasias documented tales from travelers about a large, white wild animal roaming India. It had red hair, long horns, and had piercing blue eyes. There were also tales in early Europe of unicorns made of goat-like creatures and horns with magical powers. Legends in Asia tell of a unicorn with a deer-like body and reptilian scales. It was covered with signs and magic symbols.

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