How To Start A Janitorial Services Business

This industry offers a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to start a business. It is a great time to start a business because the demand for clean, sanitized commercial spaces is greater than ever.

How to Start a Janitorial Service Business from scratch

We’ll help you navigate the complexities of starting your own business and introduce you to the franchise opportunities available through Stratus Building Solutions.

  1. Research and Business Plan: The initial step to starting a cleaning services business is creating a detailed plan. Define your goals for the company, including target market, service offerings, and pricing. Market research will help you to identify your unique selling points and understand your competitors.
  2. Legal Structures and Registration: Select a legal structure to run your business. This could be a sole proprietorship or LLC. Register your business and get the licenses or permits you need.
  3. Budgeting and Financing: Determine the startup costs and create a budget. Equipment, supplies, marketing, insurance, and working capital are all important. Consider all funding options, including loans, personal savings, or investors.
  4. Branding and Business Name: Choose a professional and memorable name for your cleaning services business. Branding, such as a website, logo, and marketing material, will help you establish a strong online presence.
  5. Cleaning Supplies and Equipment: Purchase the cleaning supplies and equipment you need. You may need vacuum cleaners and mops or brooms, as well as cleaning chemicals, trash bags, safety equipment, and other items. To provide effective and efficient cleaning services, it is important to use quality equipment.
  6. Hiring & Training: When you hire, make sure to focus on hiring individuals who have the right work ethic and skills. Provide your team with thorough training so they are well-prepared to provide high-quality services.
  7. Contracts and Pricing: Set competitive prices for your services by considering factors such as location, competition, and your client’s specific needs. Create clear agreements that outline the scope of your work, pricing, and terms and conditions.
  8. Networking and Marketing: Create an effective marketing strategy in order to reach out to potential clients. Online marketing, such as social media and a professional site, are both effective. Join industry associations and attend networking events to make connections.
  9. Quality Assurance and Customer Service: Maintain a strong commitment to quality assurance and outstanding customer service. Customers who are satisfied with your service will be more likely to return and recommend you to others.

Franchise Opportunities with Stratus Building Solutions

Franchise opportunities are an alternative to starting a janitorial service business from scratch. Stratus Building Solutions gives aspiring entrepreneurs the opportunity to own a business in commercial cleaning under a well-known and trusted brand. Franchisees with Stratus enjoy the following benefits:

  • Proven business model: Stratus offers a tested and proven business model that reduces the risk of starting from scratch.
  • Comprehensive Training: You will receive extensive training on cleaning techniques, business operations, and marketing strategies.
  • National Support Network Stratus provides ongoing support to franchisees and offers access to a national network.
  • Reputation & Trust: By leveraging the Stratus brand, you will instantly gain trust in the market.
  • Economies scale Access preferred pricing for equipment and supplies because of Stratus’ buying power.
  • Exclusive Territory: You will receive an entire territory as a Stratus Franchisee to expand and grow your business.

It is a big step to start your own business. Fortunately, there is plenty of room for success in the janitorial industry. Stratus Building Solutions can help you enter the commercial cleaning industry and create a successful business.

About The Author

Maureen DiStefano is the Vice President of Operation at Stratus Building Solutions. She has over 20 years of experience in franchise management with national brands. She started her career with ARAMARK Corporation, then moved to various leadership positions in operations and development at Delaware North Company. Popeyes Chicken. Dunkin’ Brands/Inspire. Starbucks. Maureen was most recently Vice President of US & Canada Store Operations for the renowned GNC brand. Maureen knows that franchisees are champions for the company and, as a franchisor, we must provide the support and tools needed to be successful. Everyone wins when you operate this way. Her commitment to creating high-performing teams led to record-breaking results.


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