How To Do It Yourself End Of Tenancy Cleaning London

Moving out is a big task. Often there are many items that you need to be concerned about. By the time you are done packing up all of the boxes, loading your items and bringing them to your new place the last thing you want to think about is returning to your old place of residence and doing a thorough end of tenancy cleaning London. The reality is that in order to get your deposit back it is imperative that you do as much as possible to make the place look as good as when you moved in. You may only need to do a surface cleaning if there isn’t any true damage in order to get your money back. The cleaning can be delegated to certain spaces.


  1. Wash the shower and tub unit and sink thoroughly. Make sure if you have grout that you clean this and the tiles thoroughly.
  2. Address the toilet and if necessary replace the seat.
  3. Clean the mirrors.
  4. One thing people often forget is cleaning out all of the drawers in the vanity and removing any hair or lint.


  1. Regarding the cabinets wash them both inside and out.
  2. Disinfect the sink and countertops.
  3. Often the most undesirable task is cleaning out the fridge and freezer. Make sure that you remove the drawers and shelves and carefully wash around the edges. When you are removing glass shelves remember that they are cold and you shouldn’t be putting them in warm water or they will shatter. It is possible to use a bucket of water, some mild products and a wash cloth. A toothbrush is a great tool for getting in corners and crevices.

Outside the house

  1. Make sure you sweep out the garage.
  2. If you are required to do lawn care you should do a final mowing and weeding to make the place look presentable.
  3. Sweep up the porch and remove any stains.
  4. Do a final sweep of the outside area to make sure that you haven’t left behind any of your possessions.

Everywhere Else

  1. Dust starting from the top down. Remember to dust the fan blades on any ceiling fans.
  2. It is important to do the dusting before you vacuum all floors. This will ensure that you pick up any dust that drops on to the floor. Make sure to use your attachment to get in small corners. This is also a great time to clean any vents and exhaust fans.
  3. Window cleaning in London is important and a methodical washing of the inside and outside is necessary to ensure that you are going to make them look as good as possible.
  4. Use a disinfectant to sterilize the door handles and light switches.
  5. Another aspect of end of tenancy cleaning London that many people forget about is the importance of cleaning all of the baseboards and walls. If you have small children make sure you get down to their height. You will be amazed at the dirt and grim that has collected from their handprints. If you have an island with bar stools where your children eat make sure you clean this area as well.

General Tips to Make it Easier

Proper Cleaning Products

You want to go for a strong cleaning product. While environmentally friendly products have a purpose when you are trying to get as complete as possible with this project. In addition you want to go as quickly as possible. Therefore you are going to want to something that scrubs quickly and efficiently. This is also not a time to simply do a brisk domestic cleaning London, you need to work at it until you no longer see any dirt or gunk. In the kitchen you will hopefully have a self-cleaning oven otherwise you will need to buy some powerful products that can remove the burned on food. Make sure that you clean or vacuum towards the front door so that the last thing you do is have to lock up. You may find it is worth it to have the carpets professionally washed, and you will need to look into whether or not this is a required part of your contract.

Hire a professional

With the stress of moving many people feel that it is well worth the effort to hire a cleaning services London. When you are moving you may need to leave the state, and will have to wrap up many loose ends. In addition if you are currently working and your schedule is busy it may not be possible for you to have the time to sterilize your old place. Many experts have been in the business for years and have a solid reputation with great references. Make sure that before you hire anyone you do a background check and contact their references. You do not want to let them into your home without checking up to make sure that they are credible.

Hire some help to do certain harder areas, not the whole thing

Rather than having them do your entire place it is possible to have them do only a partial part of the job while you take care of the rest. For example having them do the kitchen and/or bathroom might be well worth the cost of hiring them. Every home is unique and services who have many years of experience will be better equipped to know the best products and techniques to truly do a good job on your home. Many companies will give you a free consultation to make you aware of the issues you have that will need to be cleaned and give you a quote for how much the cost should be. While you may be worried about having to pay a high price for hiring cleaning companies London because of their knowledge base they may be able to clean it faster than you would be able to, and for this reason you might save more money than expected. Another advantage is that they can work around your schedule and will be happy to meet the needs that you have. It is also possible to talk to them about using environmentally friendly products if this is truly important to you. They will have the ability to know how to effectively use these and still get great results.

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