Mistakes to avoid while buying curtains

How do you buy curtains from your home? Probably, you go for something that matches the room color or simply buy the ones that cover your windows perfectly? House owners are bound to make mistakes while purchasing curtains because of fewer insights. 

Hence, we decided to sort out all the mistakes committed by house owners so that you can avoid them in future purchases. Hope you will consider certain things before buying. 

  • Not measuring the windows properly. 

Either you buy curtains that are too short or too long that take up the entire visual appeal of the room. This is because house owners do not measure the window height and breadth properly and jump onto buying curtains without much thinking. Avoid buying short curtains as it will steal the look. But when you buy pinch pleat curtains, ensure that it highlights the room and not drapes its beauty. 

  • Not considering the functionality aspect, focusing on the style. 

Some house owners are so engrossed in the elegance of the curtains that they forget their purpose. Curtains are meant to cover the windows and to avoid the harsh sunlight entering the room. Also, it is meant for protecting your privacy as no one can see it from outside. But if your curtains are too narrow or too transparent, the purpose of curtains is never achieved. 

  • Not choosing curtains as per room type. 

If you are not into stringent cleaning routines, you want curtains that are machine-washable and can be cleaned quickly. But if you have silk, delicate curtains, then chances of washing them regularly do not crop up. While buying curtains, you should check whether they are machine-washable or need dry cleaning. Some curtains require more effort to maintain, which could be a hassle if you have kids at home who play around. 

  • Not hanging clean, ironed curtains. 

Imagine yourself entering a house where all curtains are wrinkled and spotty. Hey, we bet you will never like to visit such a house again. Hence, ensure that the curtains you hang are clean and spotless, and ironed well. 

  • Not buying from a good dealer. 

Do you buy curtains from the cheapest store in the lane? It doesn’t imply we recommend buying the most expensive curtains in the town. But we suggest buying from a genuine dealer who knows which curtains will align with your house theme and budget. If you buy online, the website must have exclusive curtains along with the specifications. 

Conclusively, if you avoid these mistakes, you can save a lot of money and time and seek the best and beautiful curtains for your entire home. Ensure that you do a little planning beforehand and do not buy curtains in a jiffy. 

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