How to Disinfect and Sanitize Your Office and Work Space

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  • Things to Do Before Cleaning the Desk
  • How to Clean the Desk
  • Disinfecting the Office Desk Surface
  • Cleaning Your Workspace
  • Office Chair
  • Laptop and Electronics
  • Computer Screen
  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Desk Phone/ Headphones
  • Office Disinfection: How Often Should You Do It?
  • Hygiene is the Need of the Hour
  • After fighting the pandemic for over one year, it’s to be expected that the public’s awareness of hygiene is increasing. It is more crucial than ever before to concentrate on sanitation and make sure that private and public spaces are cleaned quickly.
  • To meet the demands of the day, This article aims to provide readers with numerous ways to cleanse and disinfect their workspace and office.

Things to Do Before Cleaning the Desk

  • Before you start the actual task of cleaning your office and workspace, We suggest that you plan your entire project. This is essential as it can aid in saving time and effort during this whole process.
  • The ideal way to start is with a thorough purge of every item that’s not essential within your workspace. There are likely to be a number of documents or tools that don’t need to be on your desk, that’s why you’re required to conduct a tidying.
  • Begin by keeping a trash container close by and then emptying everything that is not needed in the bin. This is also the time in which you are able to recycle some items as well.

How to Clean the Desk

  • The first step in getting rid of your desk and workspace is unplugging all electronic gadgets to prevent any electric shocks. Turning off your electronic components is not enough, and you must open them prior to beginning.
  • It’s easier to arrange the electronics when they are not connected and unplugged, which is the third reason to take this step prior to organizing.

Disinfecting the Office Desk Surface

  • The next step is going through the things that are on your desk and then disinfecting every single item you plan to keep on your desk. This includes various office equipment like calculators, pens, scissors, tape dispensers, staplers, and so on.
  • Each of these items must be cleaned thoroughly using alcohol-based, anti-bacterial wipes.
  • After that, you’ll need to look at the other items that are on or within your desk. This includes all the things you are likely to be around or touch frequently, like switches, light bulbs, pots, fans, and other lights.
  • Be sure to clean each one of them thoroughly, and allow a few minutes to dry before placing the items on top of your work desk.
  • Finally, prior to putting everything back on the desk, it is possible to focus your concentration on the desk. Begin by using a dry cloth to get rid of any dust that has accumulated on the table’s surface. You can then employ disinfectant wipes to perform another cleaning session on the table and make sure that it’s been cleaned and thoroughly disinfected.
  • Consider at minimum of five minutes for your desk to completely dry before you begin putting the items back onto the desk.

Cleaning Your Workspace

  • In the following section, we will discuss the different items within the workplace that also have to be cleaned and disinfected for your protection.

Office Chair

  • Cleansing your chair at work is as simple as being aware of the kind of upholstery utilized on the furniture. Before you start, look at the tag on the washing machine on the chair to find whether there are any specific instructions from the manufacturer that you have to adhere to. If not, follow the steps listed below.
  • Start by vacuuming the seat as well as the rest of the chair to eliminate dust particles. After dry cleaning has been completed, it’s time to apply a wet wipe according to the upholstery. If the upholstery permits water-based cleaning, make use of a moist cloth that has been spray-sprayed with disinfectant to wash your chair completely.
  • If the chair doesn’t support wet cleaning, perform an additional round of vacuuming. Use a dry towel to clean your chair thoroughly.

Laptop and Electronics

  • Make use of an air compressor to clean the dust out of the small vents or compartments inside the electronic. You can clean the surfaces around them with a dampened microfiber cloth.

Computer Screen

  • The screen of your computer ends with a lot of smudges and dust over time. You shouldn’t make use of liquids to clean your screen as it could harm the device. That is the reason you require soaking the microfiber cloth using cold water and making sure that it’s completely absorbed before you begin scrubbing the screen of your computer.
  • Also, read How to Clean the Flat Screen Monitor and TV Screen.


  • Begin by placing your keyboard in the trash can, and then shake it vigorously to ensure that all the dust and dirt go into the trash bin. Once all of the larger pieces are gone, you are able to apply a damp towel to clean your keyboard.


  • Utilize a toothpick or the sticky part of a post-it note to clean the spaces between the mouse’s buttons. Body parts can be cleaned using an alcohol-based cleaning agent.

Desk Phone/ Headphones

  • Cleanse the exterior of these products with alcohol-based disinfectant wipes.

Office Disinfection: How Often Should You Do It?

  • If you are behind your computer on a regular basis, it’s essential to perform the necessary cleansing as well as decontamination at least every two weeks. Although these are thorough cleansing and disinfection, they should be supplemented by less frequent cleaning of electronic devices and other necessities once every two days at a minimum.
  • Following this regimen will assist in improving general cleanliness and reduce the possibility of COVID-19 transmissions.

Hygiene is the Need of the Hour

  • One reason people are being asked to stay at home during the pandemic is due to the high pedestrian traffic, which can lead to an accumulation of bacteria in time. It’s been a requirement for years to clean and disinfect the workplace. However, the outbreak has shed illumination on how crucial this can be.
  • With a wide range of helpful information in these departments, We are certain that these steps will guarantee your security in the years and months to come.
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