How to Clean Offices, Buildings and Other Commercial Spaces

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  • How to Clean an Office
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming
  • Disinfecting
  • Rinse and Repeat
  • How to Clean and Disinfect Common Office Items
  • Computer Monitor
  • Keyboard
  • Chair
  • How to Organize an Office
  • Your Next Move: A Professional Office Cleaning Service
  • Cleaning up an office space or commercial space spotless regularly is vital in maintaining the morale of employees. Nobody wants to enter an office that’s laden with the mess of earlier shifts. Not only is this demeaning and sour, but it also casts a shadow negatively on the character of the business.
  • To make things easy, here’s the complete guide to how to clear office the building and from other spaces for commercial use — with amazing ease and effectiveness.

How to Clean an Office

  • The office is full of interactions between a variety of individuals on a daily basis. Every person has their mess on the floor, and at the end of the day, the office becomes an unintentional melting pot of germs and bacteria.
  • Cleaning up a workspace in a commercial setting is vital for the well-being and health of employees. This is the reason we will discuss the different steps to be taken when cleaning offices in this article.


  • The initial step in cleaning commercial spaces involves dusting the office thoroughly. A damp microfiber fabric is the ideal method of wiping dust off of the different surfaces within the office.
  • It is crucial to take down all important documents and items like calendars or folders, stationery, and files to wash all desks completely.
  • Cleaning and locating unnoticed areas like the one behind the power strip or in the area behind fan blades and under the window sills can help to keep the office completely clean of dust.
  • Please find out more it about it here: 5 Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Office Workspace.


  • The next step in regards to the cleaning of an office is vacuuming the office. The general rule for cleaning offices is to begin from beginning to end. Also, it is essential to change between brushes and attachments to ensure the correct nozzle is used while working on carpets, upholstery, or desks.
  • Utilizing vacuum cleaners vacuum will also allow you to catch dust that might have escaped the reach of the microfiber cleaner.


  • Each time a person in the office uses the equipment at their desks, the desk is a perfect place to increase the micro-bacteria populations that reside on top of keyboards, mice, phones, and even lamps. The only method of eliminating the numerous colonies that are found on desks throughout offices is to wash them thoroughly.
  • The task of the person in charge of cleaning the office space is to clean all items that are in regular use as they can. In the ideal scenario, every item in the office has to be cleaned up. However, it is equally vital to pay particular focus on the things which are frequently used.
  • Learn more about how to disinfect your workspace here.

Rinse and Repeat

  • The three steps above have to be carried out every week or bi-weekly minimum to ensure standards of cleanliness in the office. Making minor adjustments within the office, like increasing the supply of disposable wipes to disinfect the office, can ensure that employees will be able to do their part in providing the cleanliness levels of the workplace.

How to Clean and Disinfect Common Office Items

  • In this article, we go over the nuances of cleaning the most frequently used items in offices.

Computer Monitor

    • In the case of a computer system that is desktop, take the monitor off prior to beginning cleaning. Laptops, as well as their keyboards, are able to be cleaned easily. Make use of a moist microfiber cleaning cloth to scrub the surfaces.
    • Cleaning the dust out of the vents is possible using an air-tight vacuum with an upholstery brush.
    • Cleaning the glass on the monitor is simple with the aid of a glass cleaning.
    • A bottle of compressed air may assist in the removal of dust particles from the notches in the display.


    • The keyboard is likely to store plenty of chunky pieces of dust between keys. Be sure to shake the keyboard by placing it in a bin.
    • A container of compressed air can be used to get rid of any dust particles stuck between keys.
    • If you don’t own compressed air canisters, a simple solution is to fold an old-fashioned sticky note with the sticky side facing the outside and then place the message in the spaces between keys.
    • Utilizing cotton swabs, which are dipped in alcohol, could be beneficial in removing dust particles that are accumulated between keys.
    • Lastly, apply some disinfectant onto an abrasive cleaning cloth and scrub the surface of your keyboard.


    • If your chair is equipped with the tag for upholstery, you should follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer.
    • If not, you can use small vacuums with an upholstery attachment to wash the part of your chair.
    • A microfiber cleaning cloth could be used to clean hard surfaces.
    • In the event that the material of your chair is waterproof, you can use a soapy liquid to wash the fabric.
    • If not, apply an alcohol mix along with a few drops of essential oils to cleanse the fabric.

How to Organize an Office

  • A well-organized workspace can boost the mood and mental state of employees. A clean and well-organized office can be a very happy one. The actions below will enhance the flow within an organization.
    • Reduce the number of things in a space. The less amount of clutter and clutter, the better the area.
    • Encourage employees to tidy their desks frequently. Please encourage them to divide their work area into two zones: computer-related work and non-computer-related work.
    • Imagine employees creating a trash drawer inside their storage area instead of putting everything useless into a room.
    • Put trash bins in the right places within the office.
    • Create a filing and stacking system in the office to ensure that paperwork doesn’t get lost or pile up in a way that isn’t necessary.
    • Utilize the walls of your office to expand the storage capacity and space for creativity. The hanging of whiteboards and shelves on the walls is a fantastic method of making the most of empty areas.


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