How To Clean Your Fridge

Probably you are one of the people who think of cleaning the refrigerator just when it becomes impossible to put any stuff in it. Only then you notice that half of the things are over and it is only the packages that take a place or there are vegetables and fruits which are already rotten or the orange juice have been spilt.

Top Fridge Cleaning Tip

Do not get frightened. It is not so hard as it seems to be. Professional cleaners recommend choosing a day, making a plan what and how to do and acquiring the cleaning agents you need in advance.
When “the big day” comes turn off and unplug the refrigerator. Take all the food, liquids and condiments out. Check which ones can be still used and which ones can only go to the trash. Throw also the ones that you have not used for more than a month – even if their expiry date has not come yet, they are not good to consume.

Remove all the shelves and drawers that can be detached. Wash them by hand in the sink with hot water and a good dish-washing detergent and leave them to dry. Then you can pass to the refrigerator itself starting from top to bottom. Take a gallon of water mixed with a proper cleaner to your side. If something has stuck to the surface, put a heat glass of bowl in the fridge and close it for five minutes. Now it will be easy to get rid of the hardened spills.

When all the stains are removed, take a clean cloth or a non-abrasive sponge and rinse everything with water only. When you finish, leave it to dry. Do not forget the outside parts. Wipe out the dust from the top and the sides. Take the vacuum cleaner to get rid of cobweb and the other dirt behind the fridge.

If you follow all these steps, suggested by our cleaners, you will see that the best task of cleaning the refrigerator is not so hard and it can turn into a regular activity. Thus you will live in a healthier environment and will be sure that the peaches have been there for a week, not for a month.

Basic cleaning tips:

  • clean refrigerator condenser coils
  • clean refrigerator water dispenser
  • clean refrigerator water line

Here are a few more kitchen cleaning tips:

First of all, always wash your dishes after you finish eating – never leave the washing up for the next day, or for the day after tomorrow, because the stains on your plates and glasses will start emitting bad odours. They will make the room smell bad and will attract pests, like flies and cockroaches.

Take your garbage out every day. Don’t let it stay in the house for too long, especially if there is food waste in it. Clean your cooking appliances every time you finish using them, so that the food stains on them don’t dry. It is a lot easier to clean a fresh stain than to deal with built up dirt and spots. So when you finish cooking, wipe your oven, microwave, and stove with a dampen with white vinegar cloth.
Clean your kitchen thoroughly once a week – No matter how often you wipe the appliances and other furnishings, you have to clean everything in the kitchen again in the end of the week.

The easiest way to clean a dirty microwave oven, according to kitchen cleaning experts, is with white vinegar or lemon juice. Fill up a bowl with either of these of my products and put it in the appliance. Set the timer on four minutes and leave the sour liquid to do its magic. The steam will loosen up all stains and dirt, and they will become very easy for removal. Wipe with a damp cloth and it is ready.

To clean your fridge you can use a mixture of lemon juice and water. For stubborn stains add some bicarbonate of soda to the solution. Use a paste made of one cup baking soda, one cup borax, one cup salt and one and a half cup white vinegar to clean your oven. Spread the paste in the warm appliance and leave it for an hour. Remove the paste, afterwards, and wipe with a damp cloth. Your oven will be like new.

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