The Art of Clean: This is How You can Get Impeccably Clean Rooms

Keeping the house clean and tidy is an art. Often people end up cleaning their house and their room for hours on weekends. Scrubbing the house and tidying every part of the house takes a lot of effort. But with better planning, you can just spend 15 minutes a day and clean the whole house which will spare your weekends. This will also make your house clean and sparkling. Let us see a few tips which will help in saving your weekends from spending all the time in cleaning. 

Create a Calendar

The task of house cleaning can be made easier if you plan your cleaning schedules. Prepare a calendar which will help you mark the days when you did the cleaning last time. According to the dates split up the work of dusting rooms and washing bed sheets so that it won’t be burdened on a single day. Also, you can take out 15 minutes every day from your schedule to just do the basic cleaning so that you don’t have to spend your Saturdays on that. 

Every Morning Cleaning

The cleaning can also be done every morning. The basics like making the bed after waking up and tidying your room will contribute to saving your weekends. This will just take a bit of your time every morning before you get ready for your work. 

Clean as You Move Around

This is one habit which once adopted will help in keeping your home impeccably clean. While you move around the house make sure that the surface you are crossing is clean. These small tasks have a great contribution and without even realizing you will be doing most of the cleaning stuff. 

Don’t Leave the Dishes after Meals

Often people collect all the dishes after each meal and wash it at once. This is one of the reasons for the dirty surface. Do the dishes as soon as you finish your meals. A little effort will help you save your weekends and also keeping the house clean. 

Do Your Laundry Every day

The problem of washing clothes by hands is long gone. Everyone has a washing machine now. This reduces the workload by half. While your clothes are washing in the washing machine you can do many other kinds of stuff. This does not waste your time at all. Keeping laundry for the weekends is a bad habit. So don’t wait for the laundry day instead clean your clothes as well as your house daily. Use a housekeeping trolley to move your clothes from the laundry bag to the washing machine. 

Set the Goals which you can Achieve

While setting your 15 minutes cleaning goal for every day be realistic. Take up only those tasks which you feel you can finish in 15 minutes and do it thoroughly. Don’t set a higher target and then discourage yourself. Hence be wise and set up only those tasks which can be achieved. 

Cleaning vs Tidying

Before starting the cleaning process you should be sure about what you want to do. The decision should be made whether you are going for light cleaning or heavy cleaning. Light cleaning involves just tidying the home and arranging all the stuff in their places. Whereas heavy cleaning involves scrubbing of slabs and dusting process which is going to take time. So be sure about your plans before you execute it. 

Use a Cleaning kit

A cleaning kit is very important. Cleaning kit refers to keeping all the home cleaning stuff at the same place. This helps you and makes the work easy. While you start your work you don’t have to roam around the house searching for the kinds of stuff you need for cleaning. You can use a housekeeping trolley for moving all the cleaning stuff from one position to another. 

Keep Decluttering

Decluttering is very important. Often a lot of waste products gets accumulate in the house. Hence you should be in a habit of decluttering the waste. This helps you get rid of all the waste from time to time without making your house a mess. 

Hence these are some of the points which will help you in keeping your house impeccably clean and shiny all the time. These small efforts give a lot of contribution.  

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