How Often Do You Need a House Cleaning Service?

If you have avoided cleaning your home, you are not the only one. Most of us feel guilty about crawling under our beds to clean the fridge or steam our carpets. Home Maid Better has expert advice about how often to clean everything, and more importantly, why. These are great reasons to wear rubber gloves.

A professional home cleaner can offer many benefits to you, your family and your home. The cleaner will provide their services as often and frequently as possible.

You can organize your house cleaning according to the following factors.

Maintain A Schedule To Consider : Take a look at how busy you are, and how much time you have to clean. This will help you determine how often you need to clean.

Your Home Larger homes require more cleaning time. It is a good idea to hire an apartment cleaner in OKC. They can clean different areas of the house and help with cleaning up after they have left.

Budget – Before you call, figure out how much you can afford to pay for the services you need. This will allow you to plan your budget.

Continue reading to learn how often you should clean your home. It is often more than once per year.

Every Week

Microwave Food: Recent research shows that bacteria can spoil microwave food. It is important to clean your microwave. It should be cleaned at least once per week.

Tub: The bacteria responsible for severe skin infections is 26% in the bathtub, compared to 6% in the garbage can. Your bathroom is therefore more dangerous than the trash.

Computer An overwhelming 70% of Americans eat lunch in front computers. This makes computer keyboards a breeding ground for bacteria. A study showed that keyboard bacteria is often found in the toilet, with 10% of those who have never cleaned them.

Every one to two weeks

Bedding Linen: Studies have shown that dust mites can be found in your bed as well as other areas. It is important to clean your bed once a week.

Every Month

Refrigerator Scientists claim that salad drawers have a higher bacteria content than other places. This makes them an important cleaning area. You shouldn’t expect to be reminded of spring cleaning; your home is worthy of regular attention.

Every two to three months

Pillowcase – Pillowcases can be washed with sheets, but a pillowcover can protect your pillow from dust mites. However, it is important to clean the pillow cover every two-three month.

Mat: You could wash your linen frequently, but what about your bed? Mattress pads should be cleaned every two to three months in order to kill bacteria.

Twice or Once a Year

Carpet cleaning: Vacuuming is not considered carpet cleaning. Studies show that steaming your floors frequently can cause health problems. Another study found that carpets can harbor up to 200 000 bacteria/inch.

For more information about how often to use professional cleaning services, contact Home Maid Better.

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