We are pleased to inform you the fact that Cleaning Express has won the Royal Greenwich Business Award for Workforce Development. We’d like to thank the Royal Greenwich Borough Council and the primary sponsor of these awards, U+I, for organizing an outstanding ceremony held at the O2 Intercontinental. We’re also grateful for the support of East London Business Place and the sponsors for our award category: London South East Colleges.

This award is extremely important for us. It’s not just for the staff of the management who run Cleaning Express but all of the staff at our head office and our cleaning staff. All of us, a part of Cleaning Express, have worked extremely to provide our staff with education courses and training of skills and make sure they are Cleaning Express is a safe, comfortable, fun, and welcoming workplace for all. Every employee of our Cleaning Express team plays a vital role in the development of the team and company, and we are grateful to them for their dedication.

What are the Royal Greenwich Business Awards?

The Royal Greenwich Business Awards highlight and recognize the excellence of business within Royal Greenwich. The awards ceremony was held in conjunction with the main patron, U+I, as well as the South East London Chamber of Commerce. South East London Chamber of Commerce.

Royal Greenwich is the home of 11,600 businesses which offer over 100,000 jobs to residents of the area. There were 12 categories with over 300 applicants to be considered for the awards this year. The nominees represent a wide array of industries and companies in the borough that provide excellence for their employees and customers. It’s therefore fair to say we faced an intense competitors in the Workforce Development area.

The Workforce Development Award

This award recognizes outstanding improvements within the workplace of a business. In order to be considered to receive this prize, we were required to provide specific examples of our commitment to growing our workforce and providing more opportunities to our local employees.

In the process of applying, we outlined how we would treat our employees by showcasing our online training for our cleaning staff. The course, which consists of 26 videos, is designed to assist those looking for jobs in the cleaning industry to become professional cleaners at the highest quality.

We have continued to apply our determination to make Cleaning Express a safe, engaging, and enjoyable environment for our employees. Over the past year, we’ve streamlined Healthy and Safety education and obtained Health and Safety qualifications as an outcome. We can say that this has increased the efficiency of our employees and also opened up jobs within the company for those looking to concentrate on safety and health.

Empowering our workers

We also demonstrated our values of giving our employees the power to make decisions by allowing them to be involved in company decision-making. These decisions directly impact their qualifications, training, and daily routines. With our cleaning staff and office staff aiding in making company-wide choices, we’re certain of the fact that Cleaning Express is moving in the correct direction. It is beneficial to our customers and our employees.

What brought us here?

Through the decades, Cleaning Express has always been focused on providing the highest quality service for cleaning in London. That meant an emphasis on attracting the most qualified people and providing the highest quality training was vitally important. We recognized that a fair salary, having clear communication with management, and providing opportunities for our local residents all played an important part in establishing a clean community of which we were proud.

We have created a variety of opportunities in cities within London and have launched programs that assist a variety of individuals. Our most recent program helps Ukrainian refugees to adjust to life in London by providing jobs that are sustainable and allowing them to depend less on government assistance.

We have encouraged and assisted our employees to grow across all aspects of the company, providing courses and qualifications that can assist them in their career advancement in the field. In addition, we have provided opportunities for them to make their voice heard about the qualifications offered through Cleaning Express.

We believe that Cleaning Express is an industry leader in the field of workforce development, and, despite the strong competition in the award category, Our ethos of growth might be just what it takes to earn this award. We are pleased to announce we have won! Cleaning Express is now the proud recipient of the Workforce Development Award from the Royal Greenwich Business Awards 2022.

What does the award mean?

For all of us working at Cleaning Express, winning this recognition shows that the company is heading in the direction it should be. Our employees have worked hard to promote growth for every person, and we’ve recognized this by offering increasing opportunities in addition to an enjoyable, welcoming, and exciting work environment for all our employees, the management team, and the head office.

This award proves how working together with the Living Wage Foundation in enhancing our safety and health standards and establishing online classes for our employees will ensure that the business is growing in the right direction.

Cleaning Express is also dedicated to ensuring that this growth continues across all areas of the business. We continue to recruit Ukrainian refugees who have just arrived in London and, in addition, those who are already in the region. They will receive full instruction and assistance on sources outside of the company when necessary.

The Workforce Development Award means the world to us. However, the progress of our staff won’t stop there. We’re as determined as ever to deliver the highest level of customer service feasible with highly skilled, cheerful well-groomed cleaners. We are extremely happy for our employees who have been awarded this prestigious award, and we’ll continue to invest in them just as they have poured their money into us.

We’d like to use this opportunity to thank Royal Greenwich Business Awards one final time for presenting us with an award called the Workforce Development Award of 2022. We’d also like to acknowledge everyone at Cleaning Express for their continued expansion and growth. We’d like to also acknowledge our customers for giving us an opportunity to assist the local community to flourish and grow with an enthusiastic and dynamic team of extraordinary individuals.


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