Cleaning Express is really excited to announce that we’re expanding our scope of operation. Over the last several years, we’ve recruited and trained skilled and experienced cleaners to be more effective in our service, and we’re now bringing our award-winning services for cleaning to more regions!

Our highly trained cleaners are very eager to meet new customers, though you may have already met them previously. As we have expanded, we’ve taken the time to make sure we employ trustworthy people from the area who we will train on cleaning using the Cleaning Expressway of cleaning. It is possible that your new cleaner is from your neighborhood.

The brand new areas of Cleaning Express cover

The areas of Cleaning Express have expanded to include:





In reality, every one of the areas we serve remains the same. We’re simply broadening our services to different areas. If you reside in one of the above areas and are interested in our services, now you can benefit from top-rated and highly-rated cleaning services by the most skilled cleaning service in London.

Who we are

Cleaning Express has always invested extensively in our cleaning crews. When we first started, we set out to build an outstanding cleaning service that offers the most efficient cleaning experience for our clients. We realized that we had to be committed to our cleaners and invest in their equipment.

In order to accomplish this, we’ve developed an online cleaning program that delves into the fine art of maintaining the home or business. The course of 26 videos ensures that our cleaners have a thorough understanding of the skills they’ll need to use daily. The cleaners who are new shadow skilled cleaners until they’re at the point of being ready to serve their first customers.

We’ve always invested a lot in our cleaning staff since we understand that our customers have high standards, and we strive to provide cleaning services that meet or exceed these standards of cleanliness. Our cleaners are offered a constant amount of education as well as the London living wage and opportunities to advance through Cleaning Express. This way, we’ve managed to find and train the best cleaners in London, and this will be the case for the cleaners we hire for our expansions in the near future and in the near future.

Cleaning Express” is one of the key cleaning services

Cleaning Express offers more cleaning services than many professional cleaning services. We’ve added cleaner services into our offerings over time to make sure we meet every one of our client’s requirements. The services we offer for cleaning include

Regular cleaning for domestic use

Cleansing of offices as well as other services for commercial use

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Cleaning services for carpets

Deep cleaning for commercial and domestic customers

and many more.

We are able to clean any commercial building you might require us to. From shops and offices to restaurants and car showrooms. We have lots of knowledge taking care of cleaning schools as well as hospitals, churches and many more. So, if you’re not certain that Cleaning Express can clean your company, contact us with us, and we’ll be more than happy to assist.

Do you know if Cleaning Express covers my area?

The most effective way to determine the extent to which Cleaning Express covers your area is to check out our website. Simply go on to the Cleaning Express home page and scroll to the bottom, and then you’ll see all of the areas we service.

If you aren’t able to find your region, please give us contact us or drop us an email. One of the incredible Cleaning Express call center teams (also located in London) will respond to you as fast as possible. Cleaning Express will do everything we can to assist you in receiving the services you require.

How do you book your cleaning appointment through Cleaning Express

Making an appointment to book an appointment for a clean-up with Cleaning Express couldn’t be easier. We can be reached by giving our friendly call center the number to call us, or send us an email or fill out our online booking form. We will get in touch shortly to set up the cleaning time with you. If you have any concerns about other cleaning services or if you’d like to alter the service you’re looking for, be assured that you won’t have to worry. Cleaning Express tailors each cleaning session to meet your specific needs. So, contact us today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you make any changes you require.

Are you in search of an occupation in cleaning?

If you are a resident of one of the areas that Cleaning Express is now covering and are interested in working with Cleaning Express, visit our cleaning jobs page. We offer competitive wages as well as a comprehensive online course of training, additional advancements while working as well as bonuses, and much more. Cleaning Express takes care of its cleaning staff because they are attentive to our clients.

We’re so eager to meet all the new customers who will be visiting our new locations as well as introduce them to our incredible cleaners. We’d also like to express our gratitude to our cleaners as well as our existing customers. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you. Cleaning Express wouldn’t be capable of expanding and growing. We thank you for everything!


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