The Ultimate Bank Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly and Monthly

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  • Daily Bank Cleaning Checklist Weekly Bank Cleaning Checklist Monthly Bank Cleaning Checklist Cleaning and Maintenance Tips to Remember Get a Trusted Cleaning Services Company
  • In terms of financial discussion, banks construct an entire economy based on the finances and investments of their customers, which can be the reason why hygiene is the mainstay of every bank. How can customers believe that a bank will protect their funds when they can’t keep their offices tidy?
  • Banks must maintain an impeccable reputation with the highest level of professionalism. This is not achievable through a filthy, dirty office. Cleanliness is crucial in the day-to-day activities of a bank’s office. Knowing how to maintain clear desks and partitions gives an appearance of openness – and increases the trust of your customers.
  • We’ll provide three different checklists that serve as checklists for the daily, weekly, and monthly schedules for cleaning. The majority of areas in the bank should be cleaned every day, and some chores, such as pest control or carpet cleaning, must be performed every month for maintenance.
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Daily Bank Cleaning Checklist

  • Banks may not manage the same amount of mess as restaurants or clinics, but the constant number of people walking through or out of the banks adds to the general dirt and dust that gets into the office of the bank.
  • Cleaning the bank’s office is a must since numerous people regularly enter and leave the building. Multiple people use the seats, pens, and other papers that are located around the stationery, so they should be thoroughly cleaned.
    • Cleanse light switches
    • Disinfect Door handles
    • Clean mats and carpets
    • Disinfecting Waiting Seats
    • Disinfect Teller Stations Countertops
    • Disinfect designated areas to fill out forms.
    • Disinfect paper, pen, and other common supplies
    • Clean and disinfect bathrooms.
    • Clean your toilet with toothpaste and a brush.
    • Cleanse the basins
    • Cleanse faucets, faucet handles, tissue dispensers, as well as hand dryers.
    • Wipe off surfaces
    • Wipe the mirror clean.
    • Replace all paper towels and soap dispensers for hand regularly.
    • Disinfect the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).
    • Clean glass partitions, windows, and doors using glass cleaner
    • Remove call number screens or notice boards.
    • Mop and sweep floors.
    • Vacuum carpeted areas
    • Wipe clean chairs, tables, and phones.
    • Clean office equipment.
    • Get rid of garbage in garbage bins.

Weekly Bank Cleaning Checklist

  • Areas that are out of reach can be escaped by having regular cleaning to ensure general maintenance. The areas that don’t see the same amount of pedestrian traffic, such as private areas, should be cleaned out every week to avoid dust build-up. The stocking of items should be carried out every week to provide enough supplies for employees to complete their jobs.
    • Window frames
    • Cleanse the ceiling of cobwebs as well as dust particles.
    • Apply polish to chrome fixtures.
    • Apply wood refresher on wooden fixtures.
    • Examine the health of your office equipment.
    • Examine the condition of the kitchen appliances like refrigerator, Microwave, Coffee Maker, and Toaster.
    • Clean all surfaces that are dark, such as ceilings and dark corners.

Monthly Bank Cleaning Checklist

  • Certain heavy-duty cleaning tasks should not be completed regularly or on a weekly basis because of scheduling conflicts or because the work should be completed only once per month. These jobs typically involve maintenance of offices, including pest control, carpet cleaning, as well as cleaning of upholstery.
    • Use pest control services to stop pest colonies from expanding in banks and gaining access to valuables.
    • Cleanse your carpets, then vacuum dry. Commercial cleaning services are available to clean your carpets thoroughly.
    • Remove the covers from your upholstery and then take them to the laundry. Replace them with brand-new, clean surfaces for your upholstery.
    • Cleanse all air intake and conditioners.
    • Take off the dust from the ceilings of high-ceiling fixtures, like lighting fixtures and shelves.
    • Make sure to clean dishes and utensils are cleaned in the cabinets.
    • Clean up the fridge.
    • Verify emergency facilities such as smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and emergency escapes. Security procedures

Cleaning and Maintenance Tips to Remember

  • Be aware that, when it comes to keeping an office in a bank spotless, any dirt or smudge could instantly create the impression of a dirty office to clients. Banks are accountable for overseeing the financial affairs of their customers, and customers tend to be concerned about the condition of the bank they work with.
  • Banks should be professional and present themselves in a professional manner and pristine hygiene not just for the employees but also within the office too. However, every space will be kept free of filth and human error that can cause accidents and spills. Here are some tips to ensure the cleanliness of your bank’s office as much as you can:
    • Remove any spilled food or drink in waiting rooms and offices, including the exterior steps of the bank’s office as well as the area around the ATM.
    • Do not allow employees to eat meals at their desks to stop bugs from taking up residence within the workplace.
    • Clean up ink stains with hand sanitizer. Keep the pens from surfaces made of wood to avoid staining.
    • Avoid furniture that is high maintenance, such as varnished wood or natural stones, for easier cleaning.
    • Devices and cables should be arranged by type so that wires don’t get mangled.
    • The refilling stations’ pen should be replaced each time the cell is depleted of ink.
    • Furniture that is damaged or worn out must be replaced, particularly when in areas that are prone to traffic and areas with fronts, such as waiting rooms or offices.
    • Make sure you use only reputable and trusted professional cleaning services.

Get a Trusted Cleaning Services Company

  • Banks are a source of money. Therefore, each person who enters the premises needs to be thoroughly screened and scrutinized. Employees and staff who are allowed to go in restricted areas should be checked prior to being permitted to leave the office.
  • The person cleaning the bank office should also be a reputable and trustworthy commercial cleaning service. Luce has been a dependable office cleaning service partner throughout Singapore for many years, and our expert cleaners are renowned for their expertise and knowledge in cleaning jobs for every kind of commercial space.
  • Call us or send us an email now, and we’ll be able to arrange cleaning services when you are most convenient. 100% satisfaction guaranteed!


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