Examples of Great Cleaning Services Blogs

  • If you’re looking to improve your cleaning service to the next step, here’s a concept you may not have thought of in cleaning service blogs. We’ll look at seven excellent examples of cleaning businesses that are putting out great blog posts and gaining business within their specific areas.
  • More inactive and less well-known than during their glory days of the early eighties, blog sites are the best source for information that’s current and frequently features authentically unfiltered voices as well as original versions.
  • The best cleaning blogs show how proud businesses are of their work and how they interact with their customers. They could provide tips and tricks on cleaning, information about their processes or products, and many other interesting or even entertaining subjects.

Blogging is Good for SEO

  • Most importantly, the majority of the businesses that are on this list are conscious that blogging can make websites look more appealing to search engines. If a website has lots of relevant information related to a particular search phrase, e.g., “cleaning company in [city],” it is more likely to earn an appearance on the first page for the specific keyword.
  • Need ideas for blog posts? Check out our article on blog topics for cleaning companies.

7 Examples of Great Cleaning Services Blogs

  • An easy Google search of “cleaning services blogs” returns at least 277,000,000 results. With that number of blogs, you will find plenty of high-quality blogs. Blogs that can be learned from blogs you are able to engage with (through comments or social media), blog challenges, and other such things).
  • The websites on this list provide examples of clean firms that do an excellent job of keeping their blogs up to date with useful information.

Men In Kilts

  • Men In Kilts is one of the brands that are immediately recognized. Their signature outfits draw a lot of attention. A lot of their posts posted on the blog focus on the numerous media mentions they’ve received. They also do a great job of providing tips and other information.
  • A good example is this blog post that lists the five main reasons that sprucing up your house’s exterior is essential. It’s full of useful information and even offers the possibility of booking them as an option to fix the problem.

Boston’s Best Chimney

  • Boston’s Best is a special cleaning firm that focuses on chimneys.
  • The Boston’s Best blog focuses on providing consumer-friendly tips regarding safety, repairs, and how to use fireplaces. This article regarding how to select the most suitable firewood is a good illustration. The writer gives readers suggestions that they can apply immediately. The soft-sell in the closing paragraph is successful since readers learn something from the article.

ServiceMaster Restore TriCities

  • ServiceMaster Restore’s blog is a reflection of its focus on emergency service and security. A blog post on Winter safety kits and necessities is a perfect illustration. This bullet-point checklist is straight to the point and immediately practical.
  • Again, the last line is soft pitch. When a prospective client reaches this line, they’re satisfied with the service they received from the business. This is a benefit that companies offer to their customers for free as a tool for marketing.

Diamond Clean

  • Diamond Clean takes advantage of the local nature of cleaning businesses and provides tips for its local customers. 8 costly mistakes that homeowners make in the fall is a great illustration.
  • For the majority of Canada, the preparations for winter are required to be completed by September. However, that’s not the case for British Columbia’s Lower Mainland, and this list shows the fact that. It’s also not overly long and has only eight items. It might not appeal to someone from Yellowknife or Juneau who’s been stuck into and dealing with snow for over a month; however, Diamond Clean isn’t looking for clients in the far north. Diamond Clean has the option of being specific and neighborly.

Elite Window Cleaning

  • Elite Window Cleaning’s recent blog entry is an excellent way to use blogs to let prospective customers know where to locate the company. Are you a speaker at a home-based event? Have you had a wonderful time at an event? Could you write a blog about it?
  • It’s more effective in reaching customers than a press release since it doesn’t rely on the media agreeing to send the information.

Home Beautiful Solutions

  • Home Beautiful Solutions is a specialization-based organization and junk removal company that can handle hoarding problems. This means that the team is accustomed to working in situations that many people in the non-industry are unable to control.
  • Their latest blog post regarding what to do with items that are too large is a solution-oriented preventer of problems for many who will be extremely happy with the information and will be able to remember the exact location they found it.


  • Modify is a Toronto, Canada, company with a keen understanding of what its customers want to know now. A blog article on whether or not you should let your home through Airbnb is an excellent way to be current and accommodating to their customer base and leverage an important topic. A cleaning service has an in-depth and unique view of this highly-relevant issue.

Start the Next Best Cleaning Service Blog

  • Blogs remain a useful and inexpensive method of establishing and maintaining connections with your clients and communities. Each of the blogs mentioned above uses a different strategy and approach. However, each succeeds due to and not because of these variations.
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