Carpet Cleaning Ads Resulted in a $20K Sales Boost with a 1,286% Return on Ad Spend

  • “We’re trying to bring more customers to our store to prepare for the upcoming clean-up season. Do you have any suggestions?”
  • This was the question posed by a cleaning business, which is one of our advertisers. The time for spring was nearing, and they were keen to take advantage of one of their busiest periods during the entire year. To reach their goals, they had to build the most brand recognition feasible.
  • What was their strategy to accomplish this? By putting appealing deals in front of the most people possible.

Using Carpet Cleaning Ads to Boost Sales

  • Our strategy to reach that target was to make use of online ads, such as Facebook or Google Ads. Yet, Facebook can be particularly efficient when you target an appropriate audience with the perfect offer at the right time. Cleaning firms can generate impressive businesses when they have these elements that work together.
  • My team and I enjoy using Google Ads as well as Facebook, as well as Instagram as well. Based on the nature of the cleaning company with which we work, they can help gain leads and clients.

What Was the Client’s Desire?

  • The client had aspired to dominate their market. They needed to promote their services largely (as their budget allowed) at this time of the year. Carpet cleaning services did not want to be left out of a huge chance by not getting their name and its services to the right target audience at a moment when demand is likely to be at its highest during the year.
  • The great news was that the company already has an account on Facebook with only a handful of likes for their Facebook page and an abundance of positive customer reviews.
  • The downside was that they weren’t always able to publish on their pages, and engagement was low with their posts. We provided some tips about how they can improve their profile to increase engagement, which would raise awareness about their services.
  • The carpet cleaning business had played around with Facebook ads for a couple of months, but they never achieved the results they wanted. They did have some success. However, they admitted that they didn’t know how to use it to achieve the results they wanted. Referrals made up a large part of their business. This is wonderful when you receive these, but you cannot ensure that this will be a constant source of revenue.
  • How did we manage to take this carpet cleaning business and turn a profit of $20k?

A Complete Carpet Cleaning Ads Case Study

  • We first mapped the Lead capture funnel. This was our strategy, in a way.
  • This is how we collect leads through our Facebook ads and lead them through a sales process, which would turn the majority of these leads into paying customers for the first time.

We Figured Out Some Killer Offers to Run

  • The first thing we discussed was the cleaning business, the offers we could offer, the reasons we should be running these offers, and how they would provide great worth and attract the correct potential customers.
  • We talked about some innovative options we could make to create our Facebook advertisements and set them in front of our client’s review. We explained that by making use of these offers, we’d:
    1. Find the right audience.
    2. Have they been enticed to subscribe to these special offers?
    3. Inspire them to take advantage of these opportunities ASAP by calling to get an estimate.
  • Then we…

Suggested Some Target Audiences

  • Utilizing attractive offers in your advertisements is great; however, they’re only appealing to the correct target audience. That means the target audience and the bid need to be a good match to allow the campaign to resonate and be effective.
  • We came up with some intriguing ideas on whom to focus on within their locality and how this could affect the beginning of the lead funnel.

Devised an Opt-in Landing Page To Acquire Leads

  • The next step in the funnel was the creation of a landing page that could aid in the acquisition of leads for the horn as well as a business to maintain. This landing page is easy and not too complex. The less confusion there is, the more efficient!
  • We also included a couple of additional things that boosted our conversion rate.
    1. The added urgency — and an urgency message on the page can help to boost the conversion rate of opt-ins for the services we offered
    2. Scarcity was included — incorporating scarcity helped visitors to our landing page quickly act and sign up to get the offer.
  • Then, the…

Created a Thank You Page

  • The next step in the lead generation sequence was a thank-you page. This page is crucial because it teaches the person who opted into the funnel and guides them to follow the next step. The next step, in this case, was to check your email inbox and then open the email we sent them to get their special deal.
  • We included four steps that we described on our thank-you page, which clarified what the opt-in newbie had to complete. Simple guidelines like this guide the prospect to follow and provide the motivation for them to make a micro-commitment similar to this.
  • One of the first steps was to convince the prospect to join our Chatbot Sequence. It also offered the bonus of a reward for users who clicked to sign up for the chatbot we have on Facebook. It was the first step of our funnel.
  • We then established two additional processes for follow-up communications in the back.
  • The first one was…

Email Marketing Flows

  • The personal details that every new customer entered when registering with the offers were email addresses. We wanted to collect this data element to provide the ability to remain in contact with the customer/prospect throughout the months, weeks, and even years.
  • The three-part sequence of email automation was developed to highlight their services and convey greater value to the potential customer, and also position our client as a trusted source.
  • The second follow-up message channel…

A Facebook Chatbot

  • We’re huge fans of Facebook chatbots. It’s like the latest email. Its open rate is astronomical as of the writing time of this piece, and the response is phenomenal! The chatbot enabled our client to keep in touch with potential customers who also chose to join the chatbot.
  • This created a second method of communication with the audience of the client. With messages open rates extremely high on Facebook chatbots, they’re great ways to communicate with potential customers and prospective clients. It is possible to provide something of value through informative content, news from the industry, case studies, deals, and more.
  • One thing I would be careful about chatbots is to use chatbots loosely. What I am referring to is to avoid contacting your contacts frequently. Based on the issue you’re solving, I suggest that you message one time per week. For the Carpet Cleaning Client, the time of communication was also important to think about.
  • While you may be offering worth, you shouldn’t constantly be pinging your subscribers until it’s becoming irritating. If you don’t, your list will begin to block you, and you’ll lose contact with your list.

Collecting Phone Numbers

  • We weren’t required to establish. However, it was crucial to gather the number of prospective customers. Chatbots and email are the new norm in today’s world! However, the ability to dial an individual and make contact verbally with the person on the other side of the line is something you shouldn’t be afraid to do.
  • The prospect’s number is valuable throughout the entire process of selling and even beyond. We always suggest collecting this information point. After we’ve collected the information of the prospective buyer, it’s now up to the client to follow up and complete the transaction.
  • How did our client profit by hiring us to help in creating more leads and, more importantly… paying customers?

The Results

  • Prior to working with our client, they relied on flyers and referral marketing. They had run Facebook ads previously, which brought the business; it was more of a game of luck than a tried-and-tested method.
  • The new strategy we have developed is designed to produce the desired results. These are the results that look as…
    1. Lead count increased per month, averaging the creation of 480 new leads targeted for acquisition.
    2. The client base of clients has grown by 20 percent
    3. Created an additional $20k of sales on first-time purchases, on average, per month.
  • We concluded the campaign in several months when we realized that we had over-extended the market and our offer. Because of the increased demand, the client was forced to increase the number of staff. This is something we predicted could occur during our meeting of discovery.

Our Analysis

  • The amount of revenue earned during the campaign was an incredible result due to timing, a well-structured and planned marketing campaign, and testing the right deals! We made it possible to earn an average of 1,286% on advertising spend to the customer. The best part about this campaign isn’t only that the client has the additional revenue but also that they now have an effective marketing and communications system with the help of email, phone, and chatbots. This allows them to keep in touch with their customer base and keep them in the forefront of their minds.


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