Commercial Carpet Cleaning: Why Vacuuming Isn’t Enough

Your vacuum does a good job of removing dirt, dust, and other particles which can damage your carpet. While it’s important to vacuum your carpet regularly, that’s not enough. Commercial carpet cleaning should be a priority for every business. Here’s why.

No Dust Left Behind

Your carpet will last longer if you vacuum it. There are some particles that vacuums cannot remove, and it does not take much to start fraying carpet fibers. This will eventually lead to carpets needing to be replaced sooner than they should. You and your employees will benefit from a cleaner and healthier work environment if you have your commercial carpet cleaned.

Avoid traffic lanes

Imagine the chaos that would ensue if we did not have traffic lanes. These lanes help people to know where they should be and keep us safe by preventing more accidents. Traffic lanes can be a good thing, except if they’re on your carpet. There will be areas on your carpet that get more traffic than other parts. It’s inevitable. You want to avoid having the traffic create lanes in your carpet. This is what happens when the rug has a lot of dirt. Commercial carpet cleaning is the best way to prevent this. It will clean up the dirt your vacuum has left behind and make your office more appealing to customers and employees.

Eliminate Bacteria

When vacuuming, the goal is to remove all dirt and bacteria from your office. It is a difficult goal to achieve. Vacuums can’t remove all the debris. Everyone knows this. Many people are unaware that bacteria and germs can also be found deep in your carpet. It can make the air in your office smell bad, make it difficult to breathe, and, if bad enough, even make you sick. You can eliminate pet dander and allergens from your home by having your carpets cleaned. It will keep your office clean and fresh. You’ll also have better air quality, which can help you and your employees stay healthy.

Carpet Stains: How to Remove Them

Commercial carpet cleaning can also remove and clean many unsightly stains. Your team and you are hard at work. Accidents do happen. Accidents happen. But those stains don’t need to stay there forever. Professional commercial carpet cleaning will remove stains from the carpet padding, whether someone has dropped their sandwich or spilled their coffee.

Commercial Cleaning Services

Maintains a clean workplace by vacuuming. It’s a fact. Commercial carpet cleaning is a great way to get a carpet that’s cleaner and requires less maintenance. Vacuuming can be a time-consuming task. Anyone can plug in the vacuum and run it across carpeted areas. Carpet cleaning is more than just vacuuming. Professionals know exactly what to do and how. It is crucial to do this because carpet stains can quickly reappear if the cleaning process is not done correctly.

Commercial Cleaning Services offers carpet cleaning for commercial purposes in Idaho Falls and throughout Eastern Idaho. Our professional janitorial team will take care of the cleaning so you can concentrate on running your business. We will take care of every aspect of the work so you can relax. Our customers have trusted us for over 35 years, and so can you!


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