Carpet Cleaner Cleaning Tips

We all need a little help to maintain our home and carpets.  These are several tips that we have compiled that have helped us in our cleaning chores.

  1. For non streaking glass cleaning mix 1/4 cup of white vinegar to one tablespoon of cornstarch and two cups of warm water.  After spraying onto glass or mirror wipe with a newspaper.
  2. Use a drywall screen to clean and eliminate toilet rings.
  3. To clean filmy glass shower doors wipe with a cloth saturated in white vinegar,  wipe with a dry cloth.​
  4. Do not leave you wash on while you leave they are a major source of flooding.  Home improvement stores have a timed shut off valve that every home owner should purchase.
  5. To keep your drains fresh pour baking soda drain then vinegar flush with water.
  6. To avoid streaks in windows wash on a cloudy day not a sunny day.
  7. Use a razor blade to remove baked on stains from ovens.
  8. Use a vinegar soaked towel to remove hard water stains.
  9. Do not use a lot of water on hard wood floors,  it can cause damage.
  10. Clean a Micro wave oven by boiling Vinegar in the Machine. It loosens debris and freshens the Micro wave without harsh chemicals.
  11. Always use hand protection while cleaning.  Buy heavy duty gloves  to keep dirt and chemicals away from your skin.
  12. Use Hand sanitizer to remove ink from objects.
  13. To remove smoke odor boil a pan of Vinegar.
  14. Disinfect door knobs and light switches regularly they are  a major source of germs.
  15. To remove black scuffs from hard flooring ,  rub with a tennis ball.
  16. To make dishes sparkle add vinegar to the wash cycle.
  17. To get rid of nasty odors from sponges microwave them until they steam.  It will kill all odor causing bacteria.
  18. To clean a sink rub it with salt and a lemon wedge.  It will sparkle.
  19. Wash toys in your laundry machine.  Place toys in a mesh bag and clean on gentle cycle.  Do not place toys that are electronic in the Machine.
  20. Coffee filters(new) can clean glass.
  21. To clean a shower head wrap a plastic bag around head filled with vinegar.  It will loosen hard water deposits.  Leave on the head for a couple of hours.
  22. Do not clean wood cabinets with harsh chemicals it can damage the finish.  Use soap and water.
  23. Clean tracks of windows with a tooth brush to get into the nooks.
  24. To make kitchen cabinets glossy wipe down with lemon oil.
  25. ​Wipe down blinds with a fabric softening towel it repels dust.  This also works on blades of over head fans.
  26. To stop ants in your home sprinkle Corn Starch in their tracks.  It will kill the ants without having to use harsh chemicals.
  27. Eliminate odors in your refrigerator with baking soda.  This also works in your freezer.

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