Different Techniques Of Carpet Cleaning

It is very essential to keep the carpets cleaned not only because they enhance the beauty of a space but also boosts the productivity of employees and helps in keeping the health of the visitors as well as the persons working in the office safe and sound. DIY cleaning is a hectic affair. So to keep them in a spick-and-span condition, companies hire carpet cleaning services in North Sydney. These cleaners usually use different kinds of methods keeping in mind certain factors like frequency of cleaning, budget etc.

Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is a very common method to clean carpets. The method is also known as hot water extraction. In this method, water is heated and boiled & injected into the material under pressure. Hot water is able to loosen the dirt in an effective way. The machine used for steam cleaning instantly draws the moisture as well as the dirt away. Flooring materials, which are heavily soiled may need the use of a detergent. This method of cleaning has proved to be very effective in removing odours & killing bacteria as well as dust mites from the flooring material.


Professional cleaners originally used this method for cleaning. A foamy chemical is basically distributed over the material & scrubbed with a motorised brush in this method. This method works best for low-pile, heavily soiled carpet. Since there is no method of extraction involved in this process, the piece of beautification is vacuumed thoroughly for removing soil as well as any kind of residue.

Dry cleaning

No water is used in this method. A small amount of an absorbent compound is sprinkled on the flooring material which is then scrubbed using a mechanised brush for dissolving soil. Any residue left and soil are then drawn up by a vacuum cleaner. This method is able to dry carpet a lot more quickly than any other kind of cleaning. The pieces made up of natural fibers like help and sisal, which often get damaged easily, benefit a lot from this dry cleaning method.

Bonnet cleaning

Sometimes many people refer to this method as dry cleaning method, but in reality it is not. It makes use of a cleaning product, mixed occasionally with carbonated water and spreads it as a mist on the carpet surface. Then a bonnet or a circular rotating buffer with absorbent covering is run on the soiled part. When any covering gets soiled, its replaced with a clean one. When the top 1/3rd portion of the material gets cleaned, soil that has settled at the bottom of pile is left behind.

Vacuum wash

This method uses a washhead, which sprays water on the carpet without detergent creating water whirl & removes it immediately by suction. Vacuum washing ensures high cleaning performance, extracting dirt from it to a depth of about ½ inch. Since the wash water is removed immediately, drying time is lessened as well. This method is ideal for basic and intermediate cleaning. There is no use of brushes, which means there isn’t abrasion on pile and there is no residual of detergent left as well after vacuum washing. The system works great on all surfaces that are resistant to water.

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