Why Landlords Should Take The End of Tenancy Cleaning Seriously

To understand the importance of End of tenancy cleaning, one must first understand its concept. End of tenancy cleaning is the name given to the specialist deep cleaning of a house, whether rented or otherwise before the tenants are given possession rights over it. In simple words, it is a full blown top to bottom cleaning of your house at the end of the tenancy. It is a new service that is being given around the world which benefits both tenants and landlords.  It is alternatively termed as move out/move in cleaning, tenancy cleaning , and deep cleaning.

The End of tenancy cleaning includes every nook and cranny of the house stretching from the corners of floor tiles to doors and windows and is quite exhaustive. Now, let’s look at the importance of such cleaning services to the landlords:-

  1. Addition of value to home End of tenancy cleaning is important for homeowners offering their house to tenants because it adds value to your home. Tenants would any day prefer a clean and neat home as against its opposite. Not only does it increase the chances of attracting tenants but it also puts the landlord in such a position that he can jack up the price offered. 
  2. Advantage in market– When the tenants begin their journey of choosing a house to live in, they opt for a house which is not just clean on a superficial level but on an extensive level. This is most likely to be achieved better if instead of doing their own cleaning, they go for a company which provides such services. End of tenancy cleaning Bristol offers such a service and they even offer a cost evaluator which gives out a tentative price range in which the job can be done depending on the number of floors, bedrooms, bathrooms , etc. Such cleaning , therefore, offers a clear advantage in the competitive market with additional ease of access.
  3. Maintenance of standard– When the house is left in a condition that is squeaky clean, it sets up a standard and due to this standard a reputation is built. For a landlord who offers his house up for tenancy regularly, this reputation is important as it guarantees maximum turnover and availability of prospective tenants on a consistent level. Just like for a company, there is goodwill that increases its market value, for a house, there is a standard which is maintained by its cleanliness and upkeep. Therefore, this cleaning is essential to  landlords. 
  4. Tenancy agreement– A tenancy agreement is an instrument through which the tenants assume possession of the offered property. Cleanliness , before‌ ‌they‌ ‌move‌ ‌in, essential clause in the agreement. If exhaustive cleaning is not done at the end of the previous tenant’s period of stay, then it will go against this agreement and entail action against the landlord. It is the duty of the tenants to maintain the upkeep and cleanliness of the property as is the duty of the landlord to offer such property in that very condition.
  5. Rating and feedback– Nowadays, buying or renting a house has all become available online. There are many websites which facilitate in choosing a house for rent or buying. These websites use the mode of rating and feedback to make the process easier for prospective customers. Their rating is extensive and ranges from the cleanliness to the maintenance of the house. Also, the tenants who leave the house offer their feedback by way of such websites. If the cleaning is done at the end of the tenancy, the tenant is likely to submit  good feedback and rating which makes your property more competitive in the market.

As can be seen from the above mentioned factors, end of tenancy cleaning is quite important for landlords. It also sets up for the tenant a standard of cleanliness that the landlord expects the tenant to maintain. Such cleaning cannot be achieved single-handedly and therefore it is better to hire a company which offers such services.

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