Ways to Reduce Dust in Your Office Workspace

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  • What Causes Dust in the Office? The Risky Effects of Having Dust in the Office Different Ways to Remove Dust in Your Office Workspace 1. Use a Damp Microfiber Cloth 2. Mop Your Floors 3. Bring out the Vacuum 4. DIY Dry Cleaning 5. Call the Professionals Eliminating Dust From Your Office Workspace
  • The dust is all over the place. Whatever you do, they will keep returning and destroying your workspace. A thin layer of dust could make your office appear dirty and dull. Everyone hates working in a messy office; therefore, ensuring the routine of cleaning does not just make your workspace look brighter and improves productivity.
  • The air is always brimming with dust, which floats its way into the indoors and then is deposited on the surfaces. Dust particles could also consist of hair, skin cells, pollen, and lint. As disgusting as it may sound, dust is a fact of life, and we must consider it as part of our everyday routine.

What Causes Dust in the Office?

  • The dust in offices is caused by falling hair and skin cells of the employees. However, outside forces can be sucked in through unclosed windows, the presence of items in the office, or dust that gets stuck to people’s footwear and clothes. Even in the tightest airtight environments, dust can discover a way to get in.
  • It’s rare to notice dust in our living spaces because they’re almost invisible to the uninitiated. We are aware of them when large amounts of particles build up an emulsion on our surfaces. This causes the powdery, dusty sensation you feel when your hand rubs against the surface.

The Risky Effects of Having Dust in the Office

  • Dust isn’t just a snarky kind of dirt. It’s also a risk to your health. Apart from causing seasonal allergies, dust may also be a reservoir of viruses and germs that could pose a threat to your overall health. Research has shown that dust clumps do not only contain organic materials or lint harmless to the environment but also possibly toxic chemicals that are used to make everyday products.
  • DCHP is a phthalate that can be found in plastics, and the phenols that are found in industrial cleaning products may create a residue that can transform into harmful dust. When the particles are breathed in, they may irritate the lining of your respiratory tract, and prolonged exposure may be detrimental to your health over the long term.

Different Ways to Remove Dust in Your Office Workspace

  • Toss that feather duster away from the window because dusting is only a way to move dust particles around rather than removing them. The best method of removing dust is to keep an environment that is healthy for your employees – literally. Here are tried and tested ways of cleaning the office space:

Use a Damp Microfiber Cloth

  • The water that’s retained by the cloth holds dust, making sure that they don’t disappear to the surface. Make use of a clean microfiber cloth that has been dampened with water to clean off dust from surfaces. Use a sanitizer for cleaning and disinfecting your work area simultaneously, or use soap to eliminate the greasy dust spots.
  • In the case of laptops or other electronics, Utilize dry microfiber towels to remove dust, and then make use of a dampened cloth with alcohol to provide your gadgets with a clean, polished appearance.

Mop Your Floors

  • If you do not have a carpeted office and your floors are not carpeted, giving them a thorough cleaning can help remove days’ worth of dust on your bed. Clean your floors first to eliminate dust that has accumulated, and employ a damp mop to remove any dust that remains. Could you not walk on the floor when it’s wet? The feet should be allowed to completely dry.

Bring out the Vacuum

  • Vacuuming off dust is an excellent idea for any surface. Vacuums are used to suck up particles that are loose and then keep them in a storage container that you can get rid of in the future. Clean up dust from the office carpets and floors, ceilings, and walls, as well as other surfaces like fabrics and furniture.
  • Some vacuum cleaners include brushes to make cleaning small areas easier and also for reaching ceiling heights. There are cordless vacuums on the market, and they are suitable for cleaning in unobstructed areas.
  • A helpful tip: Clean out the dust compartment in your vacuum after each use. Wash the brush attachment before storing it to keep the cleanliness of the vacuum clean.

DIY Dry Cleaning

  • For clothes like the covers for your chair, at work, curtains, or any other material, you can opt for dry cleaning with a homemade dry cleaner that will remove dust from the fabric without washing. Use the bag or container and put all the items you want to clean inside. Add baking soda dry, and then take the whole container outside.
  • Shake the container until the entire contents are coated with baking soda. Baking soda acts as a magnet, bringing dirt into clumps. The static created by shaking the container will pull the chunks off of your clothes. The container is opened, and you can clean each item until the baking soda has been gone. Vacuum as needed.
  • Tips for Success: Mixing a few drops of essential oil with baking soda before applying it to textile items will leave an aroma that is fresh and clean, lasting for a few days!

Call the Professionals

  • DIY cleaning can only remove surface dirt, but it’s not able to remove the underlying grime. If your cleaning task is difficult to tackle, then it’s time to hire a professional to conduct a thorough and deep clean. Professional cleaning services go beyond just mopping and wiping. They have powerful equipment to tackle the most soiled office spaces.
  • We at Luce Office, our experienced team of office cleaning experts from Singapore, have had the pleasure of cleaning everything from your typical filthy office to water-damaged furniture in offices. Call us today, and we’ll help you create an effective cleaning schedule for you!

Cleaning up dust From Your Office Workspace

  • The prevention of dust from getting into your workplace is much easier said than accomplished. Dust is inevitable, and there are myriad ways for dust to make its way to your workplace. The most effective method to rid your workplace of dust is to keep an organized cleaning schedule. The best way to do this is to wash the areas that are frequently used daily and clean thoroughly every week at the very least.


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