Tips to Avoid Dust in Your Home in Dubai

5 Tips to Avoid Dust in Your Home in Dubai

In Dubai, it’s not uncommon that you’re not even finished the deep cleaning and dusting of your house, and you’ve got an additional layer of dust settling on the floors and furniture. The city’s tropical climate can trigger frequent sand storms, particularly in the summer months. In the process, dust gets sucked into windows and AC vents, footwear, and doors. This is why it’s necessary to do a thorough cleaning. The homeowners would, therefore, need to make the necessary arrangements with an experienced¬†deep cleaning service that is located in Dubai.

Dust isn’t only making your home look dirty, but it also affects health. If you suffer from respiratory issues, dust, the allergens that are in the dust can cause them to get sick. It’s good to know that, in addition to professional cleaning, using small and regular measures you can keep dust out.

How to Prevent Having Dust in Your Home in Dubai

Let’s share some suggestions to help you breathe easier and keep your home free of dust:

1: Use a Microfiber Cloth for Wiping Surfaces

A microfiber cloth draws and binds dust due to their electrostatic force. That makes it among the top tools to remove dust from blinds, ceiling fans, furniture, or any other surfaces. In lieu of using a duster, make use of this cloth to wipe dust off the surface.

2: Invest in a Fiber Doormat

It’s not only the vents or windows that attract dirt. Our shoes do, too. Shoes can bring bacteria, dirt, and dust into your home. Making a carpeted doormat from fiber and putting it in front of the doorway can solve many of the issues.

Make a norm in your home prior to entering your home, all guests needs to clean their shoes on the floor, and take off their shoes. Another way to stop dust and dirt from getting into the house is to keep footwear in the cabinet by the doorway. This is not a rule that applies to guests, however other members of the household should follow.

3: Ditch Dry Dusting and Use a Vacuum Instead

Cleansing your home’s surfaces with a dry, clean cloth or feather duster causes dust to be spread around. Similar to when you rub down cushions or couches and wipe them clean, it removes dust for a short time. Actually, this technique creates dust clouds throughout the air. They settle on the floor, and then the sofas and cushions is re-sealed.

The best method is to vacuum because it draws up dust and stops it from getting accumulated. If you’re using a cloth for dusting, make sure it’s a little damp. If not, all you’re doing is scratching the surface and pushing dust all over.

4: Keep the Windows Closed

Because the majority of dust gets through windows, especially if you are located on the lower levels of an apartment, Keep your windows shut as much as you can. In the early morning, when there’s still mist and dew outside, dust doesn’t get in as easily. Use this time to let your windows open to fresh air.

It is also possible to install the mesh screen onto the window to help keep the majority of the dust away. Make sure you wash frequently to rid the screen of dust that’s collected. The placement of plants on windowsills will also help in removing dust.

5: Change the Bedding and Towels Every Week

When you’re trying to keep the house neat, don’t forget to clean your bathroom and bedroom. These are the perfect places for dust mites to nestle. So, it is advised to wash bedding towels, sheets and bath mats twice each week.

6: Check the Air Filters

Examine the air filters of your HVAC and air conditioning system on a regular basis. When the air circulates through the system, dust can get trapped within the filters, preventing it from getting into the living space. This dust is a problem that requires a monthly cleaning.

Make use of HEPA filters that eliminate 99.97 percent of pollen, mold, bacteria, dust as well as other particles that are airborne. You should consider cleaning and changing the filters on your dryer for clothes and hoods too.

7: Remove Rugs and Carpets

Carpets and flooring attract dust like magnets. They also attract pet hair, paper smudges or dirt that has accumulated from footwear. In the ideal scenario, you’d want to think about getting rid of them all together. If you are unable to eliminate them all at once, you can take smaller pieces. Vacuum areas that are heavily used each week twice and other carpets every week.

Having Regular Deep Cleaning Is the Answer!

If you are cleaning your home, Start at the top, and move down. Dust mopping or vacuuming is the final task you do in each room and especially in case you don’t want dust to spread across the home. In addition to these tips for cleaning,¬†book a deep cleaning service¬†every month to get a thorough cleaning.

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