The Best Blogs for Home Cleaning You Should Follow

Although you might have good intentions when you start, chaos and clutter can quickly sneak up on your home. It’s possible to not notice it until it becomes a serious problem. There are many housekeeping blogs that will help you learn the ropes of decluttering and cleaning. You can even apply your cleaning skills to your business, according to the best cleaning blogs.

The Fly Lady

The Fly Lady combines a blog with a club and therapist group. They say that your house won’t become chaotic in a single day and will never get clean again. They don’t judge, they just offer help. The system breaks down cleaning into manageable steps, such as making the bed. It also shows how to organize these steps into a system that works best for you.

The Fly Lady will guide you through the process, showing you what tools you need and how you can use them best. The tone of the Fly Lady is warm, cheery, and encouraging. The Fly Lady will help you get over the urge to cry at the thought of cleaning up your home.

Clean Mama

Clean Mama is a blog that focuses on home cleaning tips that are simple and non-toxic. Clean Mama breaks down house cleaning tasks into rooms. Each room is given a checklist and a list with supplies. Castile soap and hydrogen peroxide are both non-toxic and inexpensive and can be found in most homes.

The website offers a range of products, including checklists, books and organizing and cleaning supplies. There are also printables available and instructions to make your own. The tone of the website is friendly and approachable, much like your older sister who is super organized. Clean Mama is a great cleaning blog for DIY-lovers.

A Slob Gets Clean

A Slob Comes Clear is a “reality-based” house cleaning tips blog. This is the story of one man’s “deslobification” and journey to tidiness. Sometimes, you may not want professional advice. Sometimes you just need someone who has been through the same thing and made it through. All that and more is A Slob Comes Clear.

The blog’s confessional, chummy tone lends an easygoing, non-judgmental vibe. This blog is more like a friend giving you a pep-talk than a lecture about housecleaning. The tips are still there along with stories from the author about how and why she used them. This is one the most entertaining cleaning blogs that we have ever seen.

A Bowl Full of Lemons

A Bowl Full of Lemons knows that chaos is a part of everyday life. ABFOL, like many cleaning blogs, focuses on making chaos manageable through a system that uses targeted checklists. This blog is for those who enjoy socializing and house cleaning. They are active on social media and share their tips and tricks.

The 14-week challenge to organize your home can be joined. Each week will focus on one area of your home like the garage. Their writers can also help you organize your household budget.

Talking Dirty With the Queen of Clean

Linda Cobb is the Queen Of Clean and her blog is one of the first to be published on housekeeping. Cobb is a well-known celebrity with seven books, hundreds of lectures and a syndicated TV program.

This blog by the Queen offers simple tips and advice as well as helpful information about cleaning common household items, such as your can opener. You can make your own cleaning products from items you already have, like tea bags or vinegar. This blog is funny and full of information that you won’t find elsewhere.

Apartment Therapy

Many home cleaning blogs may make tidying up and decluttering seem like something a woman would do. Maxwell Ryan’s Apartment Therapy site gives you a man’s-eye view. You can also see it from an interior design perspective. After all, cleaning is about making the most of your space.

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