Starting a Cleaning Business: Specialize in Residential, Commercial, or Both?

Are you considering starting a cleaning enterprise and need help determining whether you should specialize in commercial or residential services? We’ll discuss the benefits of each and provide some essential factors to think about that could aid you in making a decision.

If you’re starting or seeking to expand into another, the suggestions and tips here apply to your journey.

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Playing to Your Strengths

The first thing you should consider before deciding is what kind of company you’d like to become. Are there strengths in your management and team? There are many ways to answer this question.

For instance, your business could aim to be renowned for its customer service. If this is the case, you can handle the increased quantity of sales and interactions with customers associated with operating the residential cleaning services. If you’re proficient in maintaining industrial equipment, you’re equipped to manage contracts for commercial cleaning.

Look at the rest of this list from that perspective. If you do, you could decide which place to hang your shingle.

Sales and Marketing

Choose the appropriate commercial cleaning service. You may need one to keep your whole company in business. It’s risky to have one client. We say this to demonstrate the point. To run a profitable residential cleaning company, marketing, and sales will be a significant part of your daily routine. You’ll always try to get an edge over your competitors to make your schedule more efficient.

In the case of a commercial cleaning company, marketing and sales are very different. The sales cycles are more lengthy, and contracts are more extensive. The majority of contracts are regular and will be a repeated business. Make a considerable sale, such as an office tower or warehouse, and you’ll be able to relax for a while before getting started.

Market Conditions

If you’re planning to grow your business, whether newly established or just trying to get better to the next level, look where the expansion is.

Are there new condominiums or neighborhoods appearing in your service area? Or, what do you think of office parks or industrial zones? Businesses and new homeowners are new leads for business in the cleaning field. Other cleaning firms may be calling their doors to offer a deal, but there aren’t incumbents on the premises that could give you an advantage in getting your new business.

In contrast, if you are experiencing economic slowdowns in your local area, be aware of what this could mean for any business strategies. A more cost-conscious marketplace could result in a difficult time or create opportunities for your business based on the method you choose to play. If you’re savvy enough to be aware of the trends in the market and trends, you can give yourself an advantage.


What is the environment for competition like in your field? Are there a lot of players in the market looking for the same piece of the pie? Take a look. The market may be overcrowded with numerous companies all fighting for the same group of clients. What happens if you decide to choose to go after a different pie?

There is a need for a premium service provider. A company that does not make a profit on price or compromise quality. You might also find a way to cut expenses and provide a cheap alternative to the established firms in your local area. That’s exactly what Greg Shephard, the owner of Dallas Maids, did. He saw a chance to offer an affordable alternative to his business and set up another one in the same market.


For cleaning at-home equipment and cleaning supplies, your list will be different from the commercial cleaning equipment. A team or house cleaner can pack all their items into one roll-on container or bag, regardless of whether they own the luxury of a vacuum. You can purchase or lease items such as carpet steamers and shop vacuums, as required.

If you are in the business of commercial cleaning, you will need to prove you’re equipped with various equipment to get the contract. Equipment like floor polishers, Pressure washers, “cherry pickers” (crane lifts), scaffolding, and many other types of costly rigging are the norm in the market. If you’re purchasing and maintaining the equipment, it could be expensive. If you’re renting or leasing it, ensure that the costs are included in the price of your task. Additionally, you’ll need to put in more time and effort in training, frequently requiring more safety certificates to be licensed and insured for certain types of work.

Commit and Conquer

Please consider all the information points above, pick the best path, and adhere to it. You can revisit whether you want to alter your plan at some point. However, it’s best to put your money into a specific action plan and enthusiastically tackle it. The idea of putting up a fence will get you nowhere.

In the end, clients want to work with experts. If you cannot prove you’re skilled or dedicated to one cleaning service, you. In that case, you’ll be less likely to get clients and even less likely to obtain the type of referrals that are vital in an effective cleaning business.

Cleaning Business Software

If you’re a commercial cleaning business or a company that provides domestic cleaning services, Vonigo’s software for companies can help you run your company. From franchises to startups, Vonigo’s customizable software will adjust to meet the requirements of your business in the present and as it expands.


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