Replacement Cushions & Covers: What You Need to Know

Our outdoor furniture sets include weatherproof cushions. These cushions resist sun and rain damage, and don’t fade. Although the cushions are made to last, there may be times when you need or want to replace them. Our cushions are available in two types: inserts and covers. You may require one or both. This guide will cover all the details you need about outdoor cushions and cushion covers, so your furniture looks its best.

There are many reasons to replace your cushions or covers

When you see the following signs, it’s time to replacement rattan furniture cushions: It is time to change the color scheme. Let’s say that you have a beautiful outdoor sectional with red cushions from a few years back. Although the cushions might still be in good shape, your tastes may have changed. Picking out cushion covers can be a smart decision if you are looking to update your outdoor spaces and introduce new colors. This allows you to redesign your outdoor living spaces without spending a lot of money on cushions or new furniture. Look through the cushion designs for your furniture sets and choose a color that suits your ideas. You don’t have to throw away the cushions you already own. They are in poor condition. Cushions were made to withstand the elements so there is little chance of them breaking down. Extreme weather can cause damage to your cushions. Avoid leaving your cushions out in extreme weather conditions, even during winter. Keep them dry. You may need to purchase new covers if you forget to store them in a storm or during the cold months. Covers are best if the fabric is not worn. If the foam is not in the right shape, you can get a new insert.

Take into account the material you choose for your furniture

There are many styles and materials available for patio furniture. You will need to consider the material and style of your patio furniture when replacing your cushions.

Wood: To keep your wood furniture looking great, ensure that your outdoor cushions and cushion covers are waterproof or water-resistant. Water-resistant cushions will not absorb water, but they can absorb water if the cover is wet. You should choose the option that is most appropriate for how much rain and water your cushions will be exposed to.

Wicker – Contrary to popular belief, wicker does not refer to a material but rather the pattern of the weave. Rattan is a popular material for weaving wicker. Wicker furniture is often used to make seat cushions, but no back. For increased comfort, you can add a seat cushion back to your wicker furniture. Please refer to the following guidelines.

Metal – Outdoor furniture made from metal is attractive for its durability and clean appearance. Metal furniture may cause cushions to slip more easily. Covers or replacement cushions that are snugly fitted or have ties to hold them in place may be more stable. This tutorial will show you how to add ties on your covers or cushions.

plastic: plastic furniture is more affordable than other materials but can be less comfortable. You can increase comfort and add style to your home with the right cushions. It is common for cushions to be sloppy or blow out, so ensure they are well fitted or have ties.

Choose the right style and type of cushion

You can find replacement cushions for outdoor furniture in standard sizes, which fit most furniture styles. However, custom cushionsmade for your patio furniture set or to your requirements will fit better and look even better. You may need to replace your cushions covers for outdoor furniture if the cushion core is in good condition but the outer fabric is damaged. These are the most common types of cushion seats:

Single-Seat: This cushion is what you will sit on. It can be square, round, iron, curved and deep.

Hinged Chair The back and seat are connected by a single hinged cushion. These can be used for chairs that require padding on both the seat and back. The backs of most hinged chairs are high.

Bench: Cushions are used primarily for loveseats and sofas. For larger gatherings, large furniture pieces such as sofas and sectionals can be a great choice.

Hinged Chase: Chaise lounges feature a longer back and a reclining seat. This furniture type has a wider seat and hinge seams at the point where the seat meets with the back.

There are five main types of cushion shapes: rectangle, square and contoured. The box-edge cushion style has a thicker shell and piping at the edges. The bullnose style cushion has rounded edges and is more casual. They also tend to be less expensive. Also, it is important to determine whether the replacement patio cushions are for high-back or deep-seated furniture. These are not common dimensions. The seat depth of deep seating is usually extended, making it more comfortable for those who are taller than six feet. For more support, high-back furniture has taller backs. These designs may require special cushions.

Select the right fabric

It is important to choose the right fabric for your covers or replacement cushions. It should look great and feel great, but also need to be strong and durable. It is a good idea to choose fabric that is waterproof, water-resistant, and fade-resistant. Your cushions shouldn’t fade within two summers or encourage the growth of mold or mildew. These are the most popular fabrics for outdoor cushions.

Sunbrella This durable, light fabric is resistant to fading and mold. It is waterproof and breathable.

Cotton Canvas: Canvas, a plain woven heavy-duty fabric is made of cotton. It can also be dyed easily, so you can find it in many different colors and prints. Cotton canvas can be coated with a water-resistant coating, but it is not recommended to be used near water.

Textilene Often used in sun canopy and sling seating. Textilene is water, fading and mold resistant. Although it is not water-resistant, this fabric can get very hot in the sun.

Olefin Fabric: Also known as polypropylene. This fabric is resistant to fading, mold and mildew.

VinylVinyl can get hot if it’s exposed to direct sunlight. It is not recommended for use by children.

Polyester: Polyester fabric can be very economical and is resistant to UV rays as well as stains and mildew.

RST Brands offers complimentary fabric samples prior to purchasing, because we know that sometimes it’s better to feel and see your options.

How to Measure Replacement Cushions and Covers

You want the perfect size and fit, no matter if you are replacing your cushions or covers due to wear and tear, updating your furniture or simply adding a pop of color. These are quick measurements to help you find the perfect patio cushion replacements for your outdoor space. 1) You can either use your existing cushions or your furniture to measure the replacements. You can measure both to determine which one you prefer. 2) A measuring tape, pencil, or paper are necessary. It will be easier for you to use a firm tape measure than a flexible one. 2) Place the measuring tape hook on one side of the measurement area. To prevent the tape from slipping, pull it across the area and lock it in place. Round up if you need to round off a measurement. Most cushions and covers are available in sizes as close to 1/2 inch. Comfortable cushions will be greater if they are slightly larger than those that are slightly smaller. Lay the cushions flat on a smooth, dry surface when measuring them. Measure the width, height (the thickness) and depth of the cushion. Measure from seam to seam by stretching the cushion.

    • Measure from the right side to the left of the cushion in three areas. These are the front, middle and back. If the cushion is very worn or out of shape, you can use the largest measurement.
    • Measure from the bottom to the top to determine the cushion’s height or thickness. Outdoor replacement cushions may be more or less cushy than your current cushion. It’s up to you.
    • Measure the cushion from top to bottom (for back cushions) and back-to front (for seat cushions).

NOTICE: Do not order back cushions that extend beyond the furniture. This can cause a feeling of being unsupported that can be very uncomfortable.

6) You will need to measure the dimensions of your furniture in width, height, depth.

    • Three measurements are needed to determine the width (left to right measurement across the seating surface). These measurements include the front edge of your seat frame, the distance between the arms and the back. The largest measurement is best.
    • The height of the cushion also includes its thickness. Once you have decided how soft you want the cushion, lock the measuring tape and place it on the back or seat to determine how high or low the cushion will extend.
    • For the measurement of the length or depth of the seating area, only one measurement is needed: Measure in the middle of the seat from where the front edge meets the back. Measure the depth of your back by measuring from the top edge of the furniture to the point where it meets the seat.

NOTE – Measure the back, foot, and seat areas for chaise lounges.

Tips on Choosing Replacement Cushions and Covers

You can find outdoor furniture cushions and covers in a variety of reasons. Here are some guidelines to help you make the right choice. When you begin your search, make sure to consider these things:

Match collections We have many collections of outdoor furniture and each piece comes with its own cushion. When shopping for replacement cushions, be sure to look at each piece and not just the collection. If you have the Portofino Signature Six-Piece Deep Seating Set (the Portofino Six-Piece Replace Set), you will want cushions that fit that set. This will ensure that your new cushions will fit seamlessly on your furniture.

Match colors: Take into account the furniture you already have in your yard. Consider, for example, the color of your patio umbrella or hammock. Your outdoor decor should match your new cushion covers.

Think accessories: New cushions are a great opportunity to purchase accessories such as throw pillows. This allows you to add color and comfort to your design. You can’t buy any pillow, only one that is made for outdoor use. You will find lumbar and throw pillows available in a variety of colors to suit your lounging requirements.

Have fun with pattern: You can get pillows to go with your covers and replacement cushions. You might purchase solid-colored covers in sand and add striped pillows to your furniture.

How to Care For and Maintain Outdoor Replacement Cushions

With some basic care, outdoor replacement cushions and outdoor cushion covers can last longer. These are the steps to follow:

    • Keep your home clean by regularly brushing away dirt and other debris. To reach corners and between seats, you can vacuum.
    • Blot the fabric to remove stains, not rub.
    • To keep patio cushion replacement colors vibrant, limit direct sunlight exposure.
    • Place any cushions that have become saturated with water seam-side down to drain.
    • The cushion covers can be removed from the cushion to dry and cleaned separately.
    • Properly store cushions during winter and wet seasons by drying them well and cleaning them.

To extend the life of your entire furniture, you can also use furniture cover. The best furniture covers are those that are slightly larger and deeper than the furniture. Covers should be slightly shorter than the furniture’s height so that they don’t attract moisture from the ground. You can easily replace your cushions with a seasonal color to ensure maximum comfort while you are outside.

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