11 Useful Tips For Preparing Your House For Airbnb Guests

Whether you’re leaving for a long holiday or you need to make some extra cash, listing your house on Airbnb is an excellent idea. 

Airbnb has emerged as a popular platform for travellers who are seeking a local experience and also don’t wish to spend too much money. You can use Airbnb to create a successful side business. 

To get your property to rank higher, you need glorious guest reviews. Here’s how you can prepare your house to impress Airbnb guests.

  • Start Decluttering

Your first task is to declutter your house. Pack away all unnecessary items and neatly organise everything. It would be best to keep your valuables locked in a safe and storing your personal hygiene products such as toiletries. 

  • Do a Deep Clean

Next, it’s time to thoroughly clean the house. Did you know that an unclean property is a top issue Airbnb guests complain about? 

Deep clean everything including, bathrooms, kitchens, shelves and appliances. Remember to take out the rubbish. If your carpets have seen better days, you should hire a professional for carpet cleaning in Harrogate.

  • Get High-quality Sheets

Buy high-quality sheets for the bed to ensure your guests sleep comfortably. It’s an easy and cheap addition that your guests will appreciate.

  • Install Blackout Drapes

Does your house plenty of sunlight? While this is a positive attribute, it can be an issue for those who like to sleep in late. You should consider installing blackout drapes to help out your jet-lagged guests. If that’s out of your budget, get a couple of eye masks and place them on the bedside table.

  • Buy a Set a Towels

Mismatched towels might do the job but they don’t look nice. Buy a set of towels for the bathroom that you can keep exclusively for Airbnb guests.

  • Write Down Instructions

Do you have a cat that needs to be fed? Is it tricky to get your TV remote working? Where do you keep the cleaning supplies? You should write all such instructions and place them on the coffee table or refrigerator door. It would be helpful to also include emergency phone numbers and the WiFi password on this list.

  • Make Arrangements for Tea & Coffee

If you have a coffee machine or even an electric kettle, you can make arrangements for tea and coffee for your guests. It’s an inexpensive way to show hospitality.

  • Offer Snacks & Condiments

If you want to go above and beyond to make the staying experience memorable, you should stock your pantry with snacks and condiments. And don’t forget to mention this when listing your property.

  • Keep Extra Pillows & Blankets

Keep extra pillows and blankets in the closet, in case your guests need them.

  • Get Plants

Plants are an affordable way to spruce up your house and add a pop of colour. For the ease of maintenance, get real-looking fake plants.

  • Stock Toilet Paper & Kitchen Towels

Always stock a few extra rolls of toilet paper and kitchen towels.

Final Words

It’s important to provide every amenity you’re promising on the property listing. Otherwise, you’ll guests will be unhappy. We hope these tips will help your guests enjoy a comfortable stay and leave a great review! 

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