Pletcher The Show Horse

Pletcher – the flashy chestnut-colored gelding that was not very good on the racetrack, but who has done well in the show ring with the help of Paris Masterson, a well-known equestrian. Paris was kind enough to talk to us about Pletcher’s life since he retired from the track, his accomplishments and her tips for rehoming the thoroughbreds.

How did Pletcher, or Huey, as he is known at home, get into your care?

Claire Simpson spotted Huey during his introduction into racing. We took Huey home with us as a 4-year-old rising horse. He did not excel at the track. Slowly, we introduced him to lead classes and then to a career as a saddler. Although I was just 13 years old, I was tall enough to take on the next challenge with ponies.

What have he done since his time on the track?

He is a well-known show hack and has won many champions, supremes, paced and mannered class, as well as being an outstanding rider class mount. My younger sister started show jumping him recently. We were surprised to see that he enjoys it and has plenty of potential!

What do you love most about thoroughbreds?

Thoroughbreds are my favorite horse. They are smart, sensitive, intelligent, and eager to learn. They can be trained to cross many disciplines if they are in the right hands. What I find most fascinating is the fact that no two thoroughbreds are alike. I’ve ridden thoroughbreds with athletic traits and quiet, easy-going types.

What does Huey look like in the stable?

He’s a complete sook. He’s mum’s darling boy. Every morning, he waits at the gate for his breakfast and will give any passerby a head rub. He will lick you and try to use your salt block. You can see it!

What advice would your advise to someone who is considering taking on an off-track thoroughbred?

It is important to be patient. A thoroughbred cannot be successful overnight. Slowly, slowly.

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