Levels of Commercial Cleaning Financial Buildings


Cleaning is the process of removing dust, dirt and other contaminates that can be found on surfaces from floors, surfaces, and furniture. This is vital to maintain a neat appearance and to prevent the build-up of larger particles which could create a breeding ground for viruses and bacteria.


Sanitizing cleans the environment one step further by reducing the amount of germs present on surfaces and reducing the chance for microbes to collect. Sanitizing is accomplished by using antibacterial solutions that kill bacteria and germs that are present on highly-touch surfaces such as doorknobs, desks and counters. This level of hygiene is crucial in a business office where a lot of users share the same space and areas.


Disinfecting is the top level of cleaning. It’s used to eliminate germs that come into contact, by eliminating them where they are and stopping their spread to the point of origin. The process of disinfecting involves making use of specific disinfectants and equipment that destroy bacteria, viruses and other pathogens that are found on surfaces, such as those that are hard to remove manually. In a building for financial offices the importance of disinfecting is in high-risk areas like restrooms break rooms, break rooms and other spaces that are shared by the public in which germs are easily spread.

Importance of Hiring Professional Janitorial Services for Financial Institutions

Finding professional cleaners for banks is crucial for many reasons:

  1. Maintaining a professional image Banks are required to maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness since they handle money that is a delicate subject. Clean banks create an impression of professionalism for employees and customers.
  2. Health and safety is a top priority. Professionally trained cleaners employ the right cleaning chemicals and methods for ensuring that the institution is clean of viruses, germs, as well as other dangerous bacteria. This is to ensure the safety and health of customers and employees.
  3. The ability to extend the life of bank assets by using professional cleaners. Professional cleaners make use of the correct cleaning methods and products that won’t harm bank assets like carpets, furniture and other equipment. This allows them to prolong the life of these assets, and also reduce the expense of replacing them.
  4. Conformity to regulations Banks are required to comply with rules and regulations regarding hygiene and cleanliness. Professionally trained cleaners are aware of the regulations and can assist the bank in complying with them.
  5. Enhancing morale of employees Cleaning and maintaining a clean workplace is vital to morale of employees. Employing professional cleaners will ensure an institution’s cleanliness and tidy that can increase the morale of employees and increase productivity.


Understanding the three stages of cleaning – cleaning disinfecting, and sanitizing – is crucial to maintain an environment that is safe and healthy in any room. If you’d like to make sure that your financial institution’s or bank’s office is clean you should consider outsourcing the cleaning task to an experienced bank cleaning service such as Commercial Cleaning Services of Idaho Falls.

Their team of professionals is trained to tackle the entire range of commercial cleaning such as clearing debris, polishing glass and cleaning floors, cleaning high-touch areas and even routine cleaning, to ensure that your employees have secure and clean banks, which will increase efficiency and wellbeing.

Commercial Cleaning from Idaho Falls janitorial service knows the importance of the importance of cleaning , sanitizing, and disinfecting is in a workplace. Banks and financial institutions isn’t any other. It is essential to have an uncluttered, secure environment to keep everyone fit and healthy throughout the year. Please contact us to find out more.


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