How to Write an Exceptional Cleaning Company About Us Page

With all the cleaning firms in your neighborhood that are competing for the same job, What can you do to make yourself stand out? Your cleaning business’s About Us page can help identify what you stand for as a company, differentiate yourself, and assist customers in deciding to book their services with you.

Here are seven suggestions to enhance your cleaning business About Us page.

  • Be Unique

One way to stand out from competitors is to establish something unique about your business that makes it stand out. Branding at its best by making yourself known. It could be your uniforms or your services, or maybe it’s the history of your business.

Do you employ a particular kind of employee, such as college students or veterans? The thought of what you should say on the About Us page can force you to pay attention to your brand’s image and what makes it unique. Once you’ve identified what distinguishes your business, could you take it to the top of the list? Please include it in the first few lines of text at the top of your page.

Consider the ” “What we do” webpage on the Cleen Detailing website. There’s a section that has an under-heading “Our Story,” which states, “Cleen Detailing was founded in the year 2016 by two 17-year-old university students who became lifelong closest friends, Sawyer as well as Carson. The first year of operation was entirely run out of their garages owned by their parents situated in Ottawa, Ontario. In the present, Cleen is rapidly expanding and employs nearly 40 students per season across Canada.” With just a few words, they’ve outlined their story as a brand and provided prospective customers something to remember their name by in addition to the desire to be a part of theirs.

  • Explain What You Do

The branding is great. However, the most important thing you could add to the About Us page is what your company’s mission is. In the first sentence or within the slogan, make clear what type of cleaning service you offer.

Do you provide commercial or residential cleaning? Do you offer cleanup for floods or disasters? You may be a specialist in the cleaning of construction sites.

Elite Window Cleaning knows how to leave an impression

  • Spotlight on Your People

Do you have a team of leaders or a founder you are proud of? Do you have an industry-leading Yelp score? Bring attention to your company and let people know the reasons they’re awesome.

Highlighting your team’s name on the About Us page will accomplish two things: it will bring people to your organization and will ensure that your team is proud of the place where they work.

  • Celebrate Your Community

If you’re in the cleaning industry, the location of your business is likely crucial to your company’s identity. Consider your city’s service area and talk about its uniqueness.

The mention of your city will make potential customers aware that you’re committed to the area you live in. It can also help you to rank higher in search engines when you search with the name of your city.

  • Highlight Your Involvement

If your business is a part of giving back to the community, don’t hesitate to mention it. For instance, if you give money or are a volunteer for an organization in your area, inform people. If you’re a sponsor of a minor theater group or a league team, make sure you mention them as well as a link on the About Us page.

Be aware you’re About Us page is where visitors can find out more about your business as they consider whether they should choose your company. Your status as associated with the regional chamber of commerce or in organizing toy drives could be the information that helps them make the choice. Elite Window Cleaners do not have a standard “About Us” page. However, visitors to their website will be able to see the ” Superhero Day” page. They appear only to hire genuine superheroes to raise funds to support Kingston General Hospital. While it’s certainly not an ordinary About Us page, it is a good fit and earns them plenty of press coverage.

  • Keep Your Cleaning Company About Us Brief and Easy to Read

We’re providing a variety of advice on the best way to write a book. If you don’t take care, you could write a book. Instead of being long-winded, concentrate on being condensed and keeping your writing short.

  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

The goal of nearly every element of your website is to get visitors to book a reservation with your company. In the event that they’ve read way through the About Us page, go ahead and request their contact information. Ask them to book with you on the internet or reach out to you to request a quote. You may never know, but they may book a cleaning service and end up being a loyal client.


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