How to name your cleaning company

It is crucial to choose a name for your cleaning business. You can’t ignore brand awareness and a memorable brand name. An appealing cleaning company name can make people smile and stay in their heads.

This is an important part of your business. These home cleaning business name ideas will help you make the right choice.

Basics of Cleaning Company Name

The names of cleaning companies are what people first see. It is how people will identify with your company. This can be used to communicate your message and tell a story about your company.

It’s as simple as that. Any ads you run, digital or print, will feature your name prominently. Choosing a name that reflects your company’s mission and values is important. Names should reflect a positive image of your company to customers, employees, and suppliers. This will give your home cleaning business an advantage.

How do you choose the best cleaning company name?

There are several ways to choose the best cleaning service names. It is best to use your name or a combination of your initials. This is the best way to go if your name is well-known in the industry, state, county, or country.

Using your own name might be a smart idea if you have a track record in the community through work done for another company. It is easy to remember and find. It can also be personalized and attracts additional customers.

However, it is possible to eventually sell your business under your name, depending on how well-respected you are.

Get Creative

If you feel that your initials or name is not right for you, it’s time to have some fun. First, you need to begin with keywords relevant to the cleaning industry. These are some great words to start with:

  • Cleaning
  • Clean
  • Squeaky
  • Cleaning House
  • Clean House

These are just a few keywords. It is a good idea to get a piece of paper and write down any important words that come to your mind. You can use your social media platforms to share your ideas with colleagues and friends. These are just a few more ideas:

  • Dust-Free
  • Spotless
  • Immaculate
  • Sparkling
  • Spic-n-Span

Here are some questions to answer

When you are looking for a cleaning company name, there are some things you need to consider. You should ask yourself questions like: Is it clear and concise? Is it easy to remember? Is it consistent with the message of your company?

Is it a name you love? Is it a happy name? It’s worth repeating it several times to make it sound more real.

A Deeper Dive

Cleaning companies should take the time to break down their business name to be more specific and dialled in. Here’s a great way to choose between cleaning company names.

Let’s get specific

You should consider five possible names for your company to help you be more precise in your brainstorming. Spend 30-60 minutes brainstorming. It would help if you created the right environment to do this.

You will need a comfortable room with a pleasant temperature and a place that inspires. Grab your favourite pen and notebook, snacks and beverages of your choice and get started. If you like to think while sitting down, make sure you have a chair or a standing desk.

Brainstorming is the best way to get ideas.

It’s easy to visualize it. Close your eyes, and visualize the name of your company. Let the words flow to you by taking a deep breath. Try to imagine yourself as the customer. What are they looking for? What can you do to serve them best?

Your business is a unit. What is it? What are you looking for to communicate? What products will it use? What type of cleaning service are you hoping to offer?

Do you have a warm, bubbly smile? Are you more serious and focused? Perhaps you are a mixture of both.

Free Writing

Freewriting is often the source of good cleaning service names. Freewriting is a powerful exercise. It can create some great phrases that you already have in your subconscious. These phrases may have been there since your first thought about starting a cleaning business. These phrases can be very powerful.

Set a timer. For the first round, I would suggest 15 minutes. It would help if you wrote everything that comes to your mind. Don’t take your pen off the paper, even if you are drawing blanks. Take a step back and get some ideas.

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