People who use the bathroom at work are equally accountable for maintaining the cleanliness of the restroom as your cleaning staff. Over 200 million bacteria are on your hands each square inch when you use the bathroom.

There are a variety of microorganisms in bathrooms, which makes restrooms the ideal places to contract diseases and viruses while at work. With more people returning to work, your establishment must recognize the importance of having a clean bathroom.

Properly maintained restrooms will result in better work hygiene, improved employee engagement, and fewer sick days being used.

Commercial Cleaning Service Provider

We highly recommend partnering with a commercial cleaning service in Milton Keynes or your local area to ensure you maintain high cleanliness standards. Employing a professional cleaner will ensure your bathrooms are clean from top to bottom.

You can decide how often your teams of cleaners be present and work with the demands of your company; if your workplace is bustling and occupied most of the time, You should consider cleaning your bathroom more frequently than daily.

A professional cleaning service will ensure that your bathroom is at the top of the cleaning process, such as limescale accumulation and elimination. Cleaning the bottom of the toilet, where dust can accumulate, is usually a spot that needs to be noticed. Not is it a mess and soiled, but it could also get bacteria. You may not be able to do these things, but they could be the source of bacteria and appear messy.

Having The Right Consumables To Keep Your Washroom Clean

Make sure your business is set up with suitable consumables. You could employ a cleaning staff, but with the appropriate products for cleaning and in place, it could be easier to fight off bacteria build-up.

Many organizations are choosing paper towels instead of drying machines. A study in the journal The Institute of Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology has revealed that high-speed hand dryers cause more harm to your skin than paper towels. Many people are different regarding washing their hands. Hand dryers can increase bacteria contamination, some of which may be in the feces.

Who would have believed that toilet towels or paper can make such a significant difference in the spread of germs and the cleanliness of your bathroom? A toilet roll lying around could be harmful to the spread of infections. Think about how many employees must pick the toilet roll up to take a sheet off. Dispensers for toilet paper that can only hold only one sheet at a given time are an effective and safer choice.

There are various commercial options for soap dispensers, from manual push dispensers to automated systems that don’t require you to reach for foam or soap, large or small. It isn’t apparent to pick the best soap dispenser suitable for your company’s needs. We recommend looking at Which Is the Best Commercial Soap Dispenser by 2021? By Intelligent Facility Solutions for a thorough description of your alternatives.

Toilet brushes are essential for bathrooms and should be supervised. It is possible to ask if the toilet brushes in a commercial area are clean. They are, as when they are kept clean regularly and changed. If toilet brushes are not replaced periodically or not used, the toilet’s surface will begin to fade, which makes it challenging to keep clean. Meetings for bathrooms also ensure that your bathrooms are clean for visitors and users all day.

Our clients have recently installed a new feature in their washrooms, such as bidet toilets. A high-end bathroom with sanitation at the forefront of innovation. Not just do they come with seat covers that are replaced after each use, but they also have electronic toilets that can be used, but they also can be utilized as a bidet to provide additional personal hygiene. Look at Washloo, one of the UK’s leading luxury innovative/electronic toilet suppliers.

Air fresheners are essential for commercial washrooms. An unpleasant smell emanating from the bathroom can indicate hygiene and cleanliness at your work. If you are a frequent visitor or guest, you’ll be looking to ensure that your bathrooms always smell nice.

Hygiene Practices

It may seem normal to clean their hands after a bathroom trip. But, 55% of employees wash their hands in less than 20 minutes, and, as per, many British admit they need to wash their hands after using the toilet.

Maintaining the highest hygiene standards in your washrooms includes placing handwashing signs in your bathroom. Inform people to put appropriate products in the toilet, toilets, or sanitary bins, and educate your staff on what items can and should not be flushed into the bathroom.

Top Tips For Cleaning

The most important tip is to use a color-coded method when cleaning your bathroom facilities. The most important thing is to apply a different cloth to clean the toilet you use for your sink. At Tatry Group, we follow the British Institute Of Cleaning Science color-coding system, which clearly defines the products that should be used in each part of commercial facilities.

Cleaning the toilets is unappealing, but it is possible to maintain it quickly and straightforwardly when done correctly. Start at the highest point of your bathroom and move down by cleaning the handles first and then the seat. If you follow this method, you can drastically decrease the spreading of germs and bacteria in your bathroom.

You may be convinced that your bathroom sinks are among the cleanest areas in your house. However, you could be more correct. Seventy-one percent of the surface of your sink is covered with bacteria that spread across the sink and on other surfaces. The most prevalent bacteria in this region are E. coli, Streptococcus, and Staphylococcus.

Awareness of how to clean the bathroom floor properly is crucial since it can lead to many injuries due to water left on the floor. We recommend first cleaning the bathroom floors to get rid of dirt, dust, and dirt. Utilizing the color-coded cleaning system, mops are recommended to sweep the feet that are dedicated to your bathroom. Take care, especially around dryers, sinks, and toilets, because these places can be a source of unpleasant odors.


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