How to Charge for House Cleaning Services

It is thrilling to start a cleaning company. There are many possibilities for growth and expansion. It would help if you learned how to charge for cleaning services before you can become a successful service entrepreneur.

It’s not difficult to create a guide for pricing house cleaning services. You can consider a number of factors that will help you make the best pricing guide for your company and clients. The following guide to house cleaning pricing will answer all of your questions.

Table of Contents

  • The Big Picture
  • Calculating the cost of a house cleaning service
  • How should I charge for house cleaning services?
  • How much should you set to make a profit?
  • Extras that Alter the Price
  • Final Thoughts

The Big Picture

In the US, house cleaning rates differ from one state to another. We can see from comparing different cleaning service prices that the average national house cleaning rate per hour ranges between $25 and $90. This is an average price, but some companies charge more for cleaning services based on their location.

You can compare what other people in your business are earning. We’ve taken a big-picture look and broken it down for you to figure out what to charge for house cleaning services.

How to calculate the cost of a house cleaning service

You can charge clients in different ways for cleaning services. It is crucial to choose the best method for your needs.

There are four common methods that house cleaning companies use to determine the price of their services. The four most common methods are the square footage, the rate per room, the rate per hour, and a flat rate.

Square Footage Method

The square footage is a measurement that is used to determine the size of buildings and homes. It would help if you decided on the price per square foot when using this method. You could charge $0.10 a square foot. You would multiply 10 cents by 2,000 if the house you are cleaning has 2,000 square feet. A 2,000-square-foot home costs $200.00.

Room Rates

You will need to price each room based on the time it takes to clean. Cleaning a kitchen takes longer than cleaning a bathroom. If you charge $100.00 for a kitchen and $50.00 for a bathroom, then your average is $75.00 for each room.

Hourly Rates

The national average house cleaning rate per hour is 25 to $50. Rates should be determined by where you live and what other businesses charge.

Price your services fairly to attract more customers. Your rates should be based on the cost of getting the job done and leaving room for profit. There is some flexibility with the hourly rate. However, your profit margin could be reduced as you gain experience and clean homes faster.

The Flat Fee

A flat fee is charged when you provide a service at a fixed price. You could charge 100 per week to clean your house. A flat rate means that you will make the same amount regardless of how quickly you complete the task or the size of the house.

By choosing a flat-fee pricing model, you can avoid the issues that come with charging hourly rates. You are not being paid for your time but rather for the solution you provide. This eliminates all price-matching or disagreements between you and your client.

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How should I charge for house cleaning services?

It isn’t possible to decide on a pricing method for cleaning services in the afternoon. When setting the price of your house cleaning, there are many things to consider.


It is important to take into consideration where you live. Your rates will be affected by the cost of living. The cost of living is higher in areas like San Francisco, CA, or New York City. Rural areas have a lower cost of living.

Location is also a factor that drives demand. In certain areas, there is a greater demand for cleaning services. Your services should be priced according to the market in your locality.


It would help if you did not charge more for a newbie in the cleaning business than an experienced cleaner. Your experience will be hard to prove. You will be able to capture more once you gain experience. You can learn how to market yourself by reading this.


The amount of time needed to clean a home affects the price. Cleaning a house more frequently requires less time. It may take more time to clean the first home, but each subsequent cleaning will require less time.

Size of the home

Cleaning a larger house will take more time. Consider increasing your flat rate for large homes.

State of the Home

Before determining a price, some house cleaning services will require you to do a walkthrough. You can see the condition of a house by doing a walkthrough. Rates should be higher for homes that need more than just a standard clean.

Cleaning Type

Your rate could be affected by the type of cleaning that you perform. House cleaning services offer different cleaning services.

Below are some examples of cleaning services packages:

  • Standard cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Event Cleaning
  • Cleaning after moving out

Some clients may request extra services, such as cleaning the windows or changing bed linens. Include any extras when calculating the price.

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