How to Charge for House Cleaning Services (Pricing Guide)

Beginning a business in the field of cleaning is exciting. There are endless possibilities in terms of expansion and development. Before you can become an entrepreneur who is successful in the service area, it is essential to understand what you can charge for cleaning your house.

Creating a home cleaning price guide can be a manageable task. There are many factors to help you make the most efficient price guide for your company and your clients. Find the answers to your questions within the following house cleaning price guide.

The Big Picture

Cleaning rates for houses differ from state to state across the US. When we look at the different prices for cleaning services and compare them to the national average of home cleaning costs per hour ranges from $25-$90. Of of course, this is only an average, and there are some companies that cost more per hour, depending on the their location.

This information can be helpful as it allows you to see the progress that others with the same field as you are. We’ve taken a look at the whole image as well as broken down the details into smaller pieces to aid you in figuring out how you can charge for the services you provide for cleaning your home.

Methods for Calculating House Cleaning Service Rates

There are a variety of ways to charging people for cleaning services. Selecting the best option for your needs is crucial.

In determining the best way to charge for cleaning services There are four approaches that are most frequently used by companies that handle house cleaning. These include the areas of the house or room, a per-room fee or per hour rate or a flat rate.

The Square Footage Method

The measurement of square footage is used to measure the dimensions of houses and other buildings. This pricing method will require you to determine the cost by square feet. For example, you can be charged $0.10 per square foot. If the space you’re cleaning covers approximately 2,000 square feet, you’ll multiplied the 10 cents by the number of square feet. Thus, a 2,000 square foot home is valued for $200.00.

Per-Room Rates

It is necessary to rate each room on its own based upon how long it will take to wash the room. The kitchen is more difficult to wash than the bathroom. Therefore, if your charge $100.00 for the kitchen, and $50.00 for the bathroom, the average will be closer at $75.00 per room.

Per-Hour Rates

As we mentioned the national average of cleaning costs per hour for houses is between $25 and $50. The rate you pay should be determined by the location you reside in and what similar companies are charging.

Don’t price your services too low to attract more customers. Set your rates based on the amount it will cost for you to get the job done, and allow enough space to make a profit. While you have some space to play around by setting an hourly rate however, keep in mind that your profits could drop when you get more experience and you clean up your house quicker.

A Flat Fee

The term “flat fee” is used the case when you offer an activity for a fixed price. For example, you could be charged $100 per week to clean the house. By charging a flat rate, you get the same amount regardless of how quickly you complete the task or how big the home is.

A flat-fee pricing structure eliminates the issues that arise from charging an hourly cost. The client pays you in exchange for time and not rather for the problem you solve. This also ends any disputes or price match between you and the client.


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