How much to charge for house cleaning services

It’s exciting to start a cleaning company. There are many options for growth and expansion. You must know how to charge for cleaning your house before becoming a successful entrepreneur.

Creating a pricing guide for housecleaning doesn’t need to be difficult. By considering these factors, you can create the most cost-effective price guide for your clients and business. The following house cleaning pricing guide will answer all of your questions.

The Big Picture

The cost of house cleaning varies from one state to the next in the United States. We can see that the hourly house cleaning rate is between $25 and $90. This is average and may vary depending on where you live.

This information can be useful because it allows you to see the work of others in your industry. This is how we have broken down the big picture to help you determine how much to charge for house cleaning services.

Methods to Calculate House Cleaning Service Rates

There are many ways to charge clients for housecleaning services. It is crucial to choose the best method for you.

The most common methods used by housecleaning businesses are the following. These include square footage, per room, per hour, and flat fees.

Square Footage Method

The measurement of square footage is used to measure the size of buildings and homes. This pricing method requires that you decide on a rate per foot. You might charge $0.10 per square foot. If your home is larger than 2,000 square feet, you will multiply 10 cents by 2000. The home of 2,000 square feet is priced at $200.00.

Per-Room Rates

This pricing method requires that you price each room individually according to how long it takes to clean. It will take more time to clean a kitchen than a bathroom. If you charge $100.00 to clean the kitchen and $50.00 to clean the bathroom, the average price for a room is $75.00.

Hourly Rates

As stated previously, the national average house cleaning rate per hour is between $25 and $50. The rate you pay should be determined by where you live and the rates charged by similar businesses.

To attract more clients, don’t price your services too high. You should base your rates on the cost of the job and allow for profit margins. Although an hourly rate is flexible, it’s important to remember that your profit may decrease as you get more experience and clean up houses more quickly.

Flat Fee

Flat fees are charged when you provide a service at a fixed price. You might charge $100 per week for cleaning a house. Flat fees are the same regardless of how quickly you do the job or how big the house is.

Flat fee pricing eliminates the need to charge an hourly rate. You are not being paid for your time but for solving the client’s problem. This eliminates all disagreements and price matching between the client and you.

How do I charge for house cleaning services?

It takes time to decide on the way to charge cleaning services. When setting the price for your house cleaning services, there are many things to consider.


It is important to think about where you live. How high or low your rates will depend on how much you can afford to live. Living costs in San Francisco, CA or New York City will be higher. In rural areas, the cost of living will be lower.

The location also determines demand. Some areas have a higher demand for house cleaning services than others. Your area’s demand should dictate the price of your services.


You shouldn’t charge more if you’re a newbie in the cleaning business. You won’t have references to support your claims. As you gain more experience, you can charge a premium rate. This article will show you how to market yourself as your experience grows.


The frequency of cleaning a house can affect its price. Cleaning homes more frequently takes less time. While the first cleaning can take longer, each subsequent cleaning will require less time.

The Home’s Size

Cleaning a larger home will take more time. Consider increasing the flat rate if you are charging for large homes.

The State of the Home

Before setting a price, some house cleaning services require that you walk through the property. You can assess the condition of your home by walking through it. The rate for homes that require more than standard cleaning should be higher.

Cleaning Type

Your rate could be affected by the cleaning that you do. There will be packages that include different cleaning services for house cleaning services.

These are just a few examples of cleaning service packages.

  • Standard cleaning
  • Deep cleaning
  • Event cleaning
  • Moving out cleaning


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