Here are the Best Facebook Ad Ideas For Cleaning Service Businesses

Despite all the negative press about social media, Facebook, Instagram and Google have been advertising treasure troves. Facebook has a program that allows you to create and share the ads you want with the right people.

Here you will find some tips on advertising your business and a few sample ads for house cleaning that can help you create the best ads for your business. We will also help you to determine the best places for your cleaning service ads to land leads.

How to Advertise Your House Cleaning Business

Before you buy a Facebook marketing plan, you need to know your audience, budget and general marketing goals. You don’t want to appeal to too many people or spend too much money on it.

The Facebook Ads Manager will ask for your marketing goals, such as increasing lead generation, web traffic, and app installs. All of these things contribute to a single goal. Decide whether you want to increase awareness about your website, encourage people to interact with it, or encourage them to buy from it.

Facebook ads have the greatest advantage: you can target specific audiences, such as a specific gender, age group or zip code. Cleaning businesses primarily target busy moms, wealthy neighbourhoods, and commercial properties that need regular cleaning. Choose the clients you feel most comfortable with and tailor your cleaning advertisement to reach them.

It can be tempting to reach as many people as possible, especially if your business is beginning. If this is the case, wait until your business has grown and you have a few clients. You can then expand your client base.

Stay within your budget.

You should not exceed your budget. While you may have to spend more depending on your marketing strategy, $20-25 per ad seems to be a fair price for online advertising. While Facebook ads can become stale after a few weeks, the effectiveness of your ads will depend on how well your audience and the ad itself receive them. You should continue testing new house cleaning ads to see which ones work best.

No matter what you do, ensure that you end your campaign once you have exhausted your budget.

Make sure you have all the assets needed to create ads.

Once you have established your audience, budget, and marketing goals, organize your assets. Assets are the tools that you can use to advertise your brand. They include a high-resolution image of your logo, customer testimonial videos and eye-catching graphics. It is also a good idea to have a slogan and a colour scheme.

It is best not to do too many things in an ad. You don’t want your business’s mission statement, customer testimonial and promo competing for attention in one ad. Pick what you want customers most to see and make them stand out on their own. Most advertisements highlight a discount or service with clever colour choices or a unique graphic.

Advertising works better when there’s a picture. Although it doesn’t have to be the main focal point, it can help draw the eye.

Here are a few examples of cleaning service ads

Once you have your assets organized and your message narrowed down to a minimum, it is time to experiment with colours, graphics and photos. Facebook Ads Manager lets you create ads in five styles. Most sources recommend “Single” or “Video” as the best options. Here are some house cleaning ads ideas to help you attract your next customer.

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