Cleaning Services See Greater Demand

The residential cleaning industry is expected to earn a market value of $40.4 billion in 2025 by the time it reaches the end, according to Statista Research Department. Statista Research Department.

The increasing demand for cleaning and hygiene services may be due in part to the growing amount of time at home due to the pandemic and remote working, as per Katie Burkey, owner of the Molly Maid of Mahoning County/Trumbull County franchise.

“There’s this huge influx of workers working from home and they do not have the time, and they’re there too often already. Therefore, they’re likely to would like to be out whenever they can,” she says.

The client demographics for cleaning services change, Burkey says. The older generations are more likely to purchase a professional service for cleaning. She says the average age of her clients is in the vicinity of 35.

“We tend to draw a less towards the over-50 population. However, we do have some younger professionals in the busy season in their lives where they have kids, jobs and activities,” she says.

There are various reasons why someone would employ a professional cleaning service; Burkey says: They have physical limitations to cleaning or need more time, motivation, or knowledge to do it.

Americans prefer spending at least six hours a day cleaning up their home, as per an investigation conducted by the American Cleaning Institute; 28 percent of respondents would like to spend at least seven hours each week cleaning their homes. Only 10% of people do less than an hour of cleaning weekly.

Molly Maid has been in the Mahoning Valley for 29 years. Burkey has been the business’s owner for the past 20 years and has expanded her staff to 30 employees.

Burkey says The company now serves Mahoning, Trumbull, and Columbiana counties and has seen explosive growth in recent decades.

“It was initially difficult in securing employees, and maintaining staffing levels and so on. However, we certainly saw an increase in demand from customers and clients. We have had the benefit of being able to secure employees too,” she says.

Cleaning is a popular profession for both employees and customers, Burkey says. The position is a stable working day from 8 am until 5 p.m. and a full-time, daytime job that does not have weekends or significant holidays.

The janitorial sector is a significant industry in the United States, had 1,063,988 businesses in 2021. In 2023, more than 236,500 employees will be under the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

“I consider that this is an excellent perk for those looking to return to the workforce, however might not want to be in the retail industry. This has proven to be an excellent opportunity to gain some assistance,” Burkey says.

The trends in the cleaning industry for residential homes have seen a 20% increase year-on-year. According to forecasts from the U.S. Department of Commerce, most households will require housekeeping services in 2024.

A busy schedule, aging, and pandemics are just some of the reasons that people are looking for cleaning services, according to Jim Standohar, marketing manager for ServPro Team Dobson, says.

“With the baby boomer generation into their 60s now, lack of energy, health concerns and time constraints are all factors that may lead to an increase in demand of cleaning services on the residential side,” Standohar states. “The COVID-19 scare drove commercial cleaning through the roof for two years and likely will remain in the budget for larger corporations who share spaces.”

In the latter half of 2021 ServPro Co-owners James, Katie, and Andrew Dobson purchased four franchise licenses in Cuyahoga County. They then moved to Cleveland. Cleveland market. Its Team Dobson footprint now spans 12 counties in the northeastern region of Ohio. The company has grown to over 200 employees since acquiring its first license in Mahoning County in 2011.

ServPro moved the company’s mitigation and janitorial staff to a new location near the Youngstown Road headquarters in Warren. The new site accommodates the increasing demand, ServPro’s equipment, and its vehicle fleet, which includes more than 100 commercial trucks.

“We’ve experienced many inroads with our general cleaning and janitorial services this year with several larger companies who are looking to centralize services,” Standohar adds. “This will align their cleaning and janitorial service with mitigation. The problem is how to keep the viability of their workforce while continuing to be able to provide a cost-effective service.”


Cleaning services will be required for the foreseeable future, Standohar says, and ServPro strives to keep pace with the industry to offer the best quality and affordability for its customers, which Standohar estimates at 90% commercial and 10 percent residential.

“Companies evaluate their contract cleaning service frequently to determine if their current service still has value or if it has become too stale,” He states. “With stronger wages now the norm, staying profitable and keeping labor costs under control becomes more challenging.”

The franchise provides a complete range of services, including biohazard, fire and water cleanup and cleaning carpets, HVAC cleaning, asbestos abatement, and storm damage mitigation.

2021 In 2021 2021, the Dobson Storm Response Team traveled more than 6,500 miles throughout the United States to support victims of storm-related damage.

Standohar states that the business constantly redesigns its services to be efficient and profitable.

It is said that the Molly Maid brand looks for ways to help communities, Burkey says. The company was founded by the Ms. Molly Foundation, an organization for non-profits that assists victims of domestic violence.

The local franchise can raise funds yearly to support Someplace Safe in Warren and Sojourner House in Youngstown and will donate $2000 and 14 tins of wipes, diapers, toiletries, and personal things this time, Burkey says.


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