Cleaning Business Leads with Better Google Search Results

If you’re looking to generate more leads from cleaning businesses for your business, it could be as easy as increasing the quality of your Google Search ranking.

However, what is supposed to be straightforward is difficult due to many misconceptions and even outright nonsense. Let’s take it all down for you.

Finding out how to be more prominent in the results of a search can uncover various contradicting data and outdated strategies. Everyone has a secret formula and is eager to share it with you. Most advice you’ll find on the web is based on anecdotal evidence. It was adequate for some occasionally, but it could be an assurance that it will get you more leads from the cleaning business at the end of the day.

The Solution?

Numbers. If you’ve been thinking about how you can master Google and outdo your competitors on the results page to get accurate leads, follow this article. We’ll go over the most effective SEO methods that have produced results in the form of substantial statistical amount of instances.

This article examined the Authority Hacker’s 1.1 million SERPs analysis and Ahref’s analysis on Featured Snippets with 2 Million Featured. These are both excellent sources.

The Bottom Line to Generate Cleaning Business Leads

Search engine Optimization (SEO) SEO is focused on convincing Google that visitors will have an enjoyable experience when they visit your company. This is about providing a seamless user experience and valuable content to keep Google and your clients’ content.

If someone is searching for an organization to clean their home, they will likely browse through your website and then reserve your services if they can navigate easily on your site. Include helpful tips and informative content in the mix, and you’ll be able to boost the number of customers you can book. People will be more impressed when they know you’re a professional.

Small cleaning firms typically need more time or resources to invest in SEO. Learn from this article and discover the best SEO strategies to generate genuine business leads. You’re already a step ahead of your competitors.

Do not expect a stroll in the woods, though. Google’s algorithm considers various factors in ranking and determining who meets these two requirements. However, analyzing the millions of search results data found a robust correlation between being at the top and executing the right things.

Keywords for Cleaning Business Leads

The number and the density of keywords are essential significantly. The keywords in the metadata, the h1s (headlines), and the title tags correlate to higher rankings.

Content that is longer also performs better. There is a strong correlation between more extended range and higher SEO. However, there needs to be a solution.

Large-scale studies can be a challenge when evaluating what is known as the “word count.” The crawlers also include author boxes, comments, or pop-ups into consideration. Furthermore, most of these research studies are conducted by companies selling services to market content in one way or another, which is why they’re content to overstate the number of visitors.

It’s More Than Word Count

More lengthy articles perform better and are not always due to the word count. A blog post with more than 1000 words the blog post indicates that you’ve got plenty of space to incorporate keywords naturally, which is what gives you an excellent ranking. It’s not about the number of words per se. However, it’s the number of keywords.

The data backs it up. If you take result #1 into account, the principal keyword is used 5.7 times per average within the text. However, the average word count decreases significantly in the event you take into account adjacent elements.

Keyword Count Isn’t the Whole Story

Examining the data that underlie SEO indicates that a crucial measure is the topic of the targeted keyword. The word is displayed 17.2 times per day in the top results. And the higher that number falls, the less you’ll appear on the first page.

(Credits from the Authority Hacker study on 1.1 million SERPs analyzed)

So, how do you handle the use of keywords in your text?

  1. Make sure you focus on the topic of the article. For example, if you’re writing about five unique home cleaning ideas, you can make yourself Include “DIY home cleaning projects” whenever you can.
  2. Pick one long-tail term for each article – Google loves them just like they love short-tail keywords that generate a lot of traffic.
  3. Make your writing long enough to permit a believable keyword density.
  4. Incorporate your keywords in the headline. Then, similarly design the content.


Another crucial aspect of beating your competitors in search results is the content you are connected to. This will help Google recognize that the people in your industry would be happy to endorse your content.

Link authority metrics such as Ahrefs Rank are shown not to be as closely linked with the actual search result asas expected. The number of domains referring to your site can be the most vital factor determining your ranking.

How Do You Get Backlinks?

The first thing to remember is that you should only always attempt to gain backlinks time. More important than the quantity of backlinks is the quality of them. To do that, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Create a genuinely outstanding article and more than just a good article. Infographics or in-depth studies are the best choice to accomplish this.
  2. Make sure that people know about it.
  3. Don’t pay for hyperlinks, and don’t send out spam hyperlinks.

For a more detailed explanation, check out Brian Dean’s Skyscraper Formula and Authority Hacker’s Shotgun Skyscraper technique.

Back End Details

Apart from the flashy methods, it would help if you also took care of “https” and loading time. This is the first requirement to be ranked now, something that Google also stated in an obvious manner recently. It’s a security measure that every responsible web admin must take.

To ensure you’re protected, you should purchase an SSL certificate. Many web hosting providers and site builders offer free SSL certificates, so getting one is easy. If this seems like gibberish, look up more information on Cloudflare’s webpage on HTTPS.

Loading times are an entirely different matter. The speed of your page can make a difference in ranking higher. However, it could be a lot better. It’s a simple box you need to check, but it is not a contest to see who has the fastest load times.


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