Cleaning Business Books for Business Owners

  • What books should cleaning business owners be reading in order to develop their business? We’ve selected six books that we believe all business owners should go through.
  • A few are business books for cleaning, and some are great sources that will be particularly beneficial to business owners who need to clean their offices.

The Cleaning Business Books You Should Be Reading

  • If you are thinking about investing in the development of your cleaning business, do you think about the books on your table? If you are a cleaner’s owner, investing in your knowledge will have a major impact on the development of your business.
  • What could be the outcome if you devoted your time to reading books that would expand the scope of your business’s cleaning? You might gain new perspectives, and be motivated to implement necessary changes, and discover how to prepare yourself for greater success.
  • Here are six recommended cleaning business books that you need to study to be the best cleaning company owner you can be.
  1. Employee Retention Rules!
  • It’s easy to fall into the error of looking only at books that are written specifically for cleaning companies’ managers. Avoid the urge to read exclusively about one particular field and concentrate on learning about your business’s most pressing issues. One of the challenges all owners of cleaning companies face is attracting and keeping the best team members.
  • The book was written by Harold Lloyd and was written specifically for business leaders working in the retail sector. However, the 52 sound strategies he provides for recruiting and keeping your top employees can be applied to the janitorial and cleaning sector.
  • According to Lloyd, It costs companies, on average, $ 3,500 each time an entry-level employee is let go. It’s not even close to noting the employees that you’ve worked hard to locate, learn, train, and join your company to leadership positions. Particularly as a cleaning business owner, you shouldn’t be able to leave out this crucial step.
  1. The DO’s and DON’Ts of Contract Cleaning – From One Who DID and DIDN’T
  • No matter what stage you are in with your cleaning business, the writer Dick Ollek has a book that will change the way you begin (or enhance) the efficiency of your company. The book will cover everything from the naming of your new company to the best way to market your company after you’re done and the rest of the book.
  • Through sharing his experience, Ollek offers you an insight into the opportunities (and potential pitfalls) of owning a cleaning business. In this article, he provides practical tips on how to tackle some of the most daunting aspects of starting a business, for example, how to approach lawyers, bankers and accountants, insurance agents, and even suppliers.
  1. Finding, Training, and Keeping GREAT Service Employees 101
  • Dick Ollek wrote another book with timeless advice for owners of cleaning companies. With a great sense of humor and a wealth of tips for practical use, Ollek has a variety of creative methods to select the ideal employees for your company’s cleaning. Then, he will show you how to put in place the right policies to keep them in the for the long haul.
  • Learn to hire important asset employees (rather than being merely”warm bodies”) or “warm bodies”). Implement tried and tested ways to simplify the process of hiring and running the process of applying, interviewing the applicant, orienting them, and then training. In addition, you’ll receive a version of the Hiring Process Manual, an example Employee Policy and Procedure Handbook, and samples of job descriptions for a Building Service Contractor.
  1. The Business Remodel: Transform Your Business to Love It (Again!) or List It
  • About 50% of newly established businesses fail within the initial five years, and 75% of them close within 15 years. In the pursuit of a way to not become a devastating statistic, the author from Huntsville, trainer, author, and the Area Director for Office Pride Commercial Cleaning Services, Troy Hopkins, decided to overhaul his business operations from beginning to end. His goal was to create a cleaning business so profitable that it could basically operate itself.
  • Hopkin’s useful examples and suggestions can help you get started on implementing the proper procedures, bringing employees on board, and succeeding in managing your business day-to-day.
  1. Taming Turnover
  • Paula MacLean gives even more suggestions to ensure that your company’s cleaning staff is its most important asset. MacLean encourages you to structure your company to create the best possible environment for your employees.
  • A few of the particular points that she explains in detail include:
    • Clarifying what is expected of employees and their roles
    • Monitoring your turnover rate using benchmarking
    • Defining avoidable/unavoidable turnover and setting realistic targets for retention
    • Innovative recruitment, training, and development strategies
    • Finding out the most counterproductive mistakes that supervisors and managers commit
    • Strategies specific to ensure better retention
  1. Making Cents of A Dirty Business: How to Survive and Succeed in Commercial Cleaning
  • Another fantastic business book from Troy Hopkins is a clear and concise account of his knowledge of making investments in the financial success of your cleaning business. Alongside a comprehensive overview of the industry as well as the results from his survey across the nation of commercial cleaning companies, He delved into the biggest challenges facing the janitorial sector in the present:
    • The business
    • Increased employee retention
    • Cultivating consistent sales growth
    • Establishing an effective leadership team
    • Improved cash flow
    • Increased customer retention
    • Do not look like a small fish in the ocean’s big
    • From the viewpoint of the customer

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