8 Facts And Faqs About Michelle Payne, Famous Female Jockey

Horse racing has been dominated for a long time by male jockeys. Michelle Payne, however, has overcome all odds to become one the most successful female jockeys within the horse racing industry. Michelle Payne was born in Victoria, Australia. When she was six months old, her mother passed away. Her father raised her and nine siblings on a farm at Miners Rest. Payne and seven of her siblings became horse jockeys, winning her first race at 15. Payne had always dreamed of being a successful jockey from a young age. Payne would often tell her friends she would win the Melbourne Cup. She made history by winning Australia’s largest horse race.

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Here are eight facts you need to know about Michelle Payne

1. Her father trained the first horse she won on.

Michelle Payne’s father, Paddy Payne, is a trainer of horses. Reigning, her father was the trainer of the first horse she won. She won the race at Ballarat Racecourse right next to her hometown. This was her first successful racing career.

2. Michelle Payne suffered life-threatening injuries that almost ended her riding career.

Payne, just 18 years old sustained serious injuries riding. It happened at Sandown Racecourse, Melbourne in, just after the conclusion of a race. Vladivostok (the horse Payne was riding), who placed 11th in the Torbek Handicap fell suddenly 100m after the winner’s post. Payne was thrown into the turf by the force of the fall, and suffered a severe injury. Payne suffered a fractured skull, and brain swelling. Payne made a complete recovery. She was able to return to the saddle after her rehabilitation. She suffered more serious falls in an. In her fall required pancreatic surgery. This was the beginning of a long road to recovery. Brigid, one of Payne’s sister, was also a jockey and had suffered a serious fall while horseback riding in. Six months later, her sister, Brigid, died from a heart attack that was caused by a seizure. Doctors believe it was due to her injuries.

3. Her Brother is Her Strapper

Stevie, Michelle’s brother works as her strapper. Stevie, a Down’s Syndrome sufferer, helps Michelle saddle her horses.

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Michelle and Stevie are the youngest of their siblings. They have a close bond. Stevie looks after about 20 horses at Michelle Payne Racing’s farm. He also helps on the farm and travels with Michelle to race.

4. Michelle Payne is the first and only female jockey to win the Melbourne Cup

Michelle Payne is one of the most successful female jockeys. She has won more than 700 races during her career. Her crowning achievement, however, is her 2015 victory in the Melbourne Cup. Payne’s victory in the Melbourne Cup is historic as she is the only female winner of the race. She was also the fourth female participant in this highly coveted race. Payne stated, “It’s such an chauvinistic sports, I know some owners wanted to kick my off.”

Michelle Payne during an interview

The Melbourne Cup is Australia’s most prestigious horse race. It takes place at Flemington Racecourse, Melbourne. Each year, more than 80,000 people attend the Melbourne Cup to see the top racehorses from around the world compete for $8 million. Payne rode Prince of Penance, a six-year-old gelding, to victory despite long odds. Because she had a strong relationship with the horse she was riding, her victory was thrilling. Frankie Debtor, champion jockey, came in second on Max Dynamite. Payne wore silks in the colors purple, green, and white for her historic win. These colors are the colors of the suffragette movements. According to The Women’s Social and Political Union (TSPU), purple is associated with dignity while white represents purity and green symbolizes hope.

5. She made a film about her victory at the Melbourne Cup

Payne won the Melbourne Cup and was featured in Ride Like A Girl. In September 2019, Payne’s inspiring story was released in theaters and brought in $11.5 million at the box office. Payne’s incredible journey to win the Melbourne Cup is told in the film. Payne was played in the movie by Teresa Palmer, and Sam Neill played her father. Stevie, her brother, was also a star in the movie.

6. She is the only person to hold a dual trainer/jockey license in Victoria

Payne is a great jockey and a skilled trainer. Her father, Patrick, and brother, Payne, are also horse trainers. She is currently the only person in Victoria who holds a dual trainer/jockey licence. In 2016, Payne obtained her training license. Payne has trained more than 30 winners, almost all on the country circuit. She is now a full-time trainer after she left her job as a jockey. Payne says, “It has its challenges, but it is fun. Stevie is there every morning and it’s an amazing environment.”

7. Michelle Payne was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia

Payne was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia. Payne was recognized for her contributions to horse racing. Payne has received many other honors in her career. She was the first female recipient of the Chairman’s Award, and she was also inducted into The Australian Racing Hall of Fame. All this happened six months after she won the Melbourne Cup. Payne was also featured in the April 2016 Cosmopolitan Magazine issue. Payne was also awarded the magazine’s “Sportswoman of the year” award. Payne’s year was a huge one. She was also honored by the Australian Institute of Sport as the ‘Best Sporting Moment of The Year’. She was also awarded the Victorian Honour Roll of Women, and In Style Magazine’s Women of Style: Sports Award. In Payne received the International Longines Ladies Awards in Washington. This award recognizes women around the world who have achieved the highest levels in the equestrian industry.

8. She runs her training facility in Ballarat, Queensland

MJ Payne Racing’s headquarters is located at Nottingham Farm, Ballarat Turf Club. Payne declared in March 2021 that she would expand her training operations to Queensland. Payne’s friend and longtime jockey Nikita Beriman will be heading up the new Queensland facility. Payne hopes the operation will be operational by the Winter Carnival. Payne stated, “I love Queensland racing and the Sunshine Coast course is a great course which will add an exciting dynamic for our owners.” The Ballarat location is very similar to the New Zealand style stable with both day yards as well as boxes. Her facility is conveniently located next to the Ballarat Racecourse and has training tracks as well as paddocks. Payne’s operation is small and intimate, which allows her to spend time with her horses. She also trains Thoroughbred racehorses and sells them.

Michelle Payne is a dating partner?

Michelle Payne appears to be single at the moment. Payne doesn’t often reveal much about her private life, besides horse racing.

Where Does Michelle Payne Live?

Michelle Payne lives in Miners Rest, Ballarat where she was born. She lives next to her father and trains horses. Payne will still be running her Ballarat home-based operation with the Queensland addition to her horses. Nikita Beriman will manage the Queensland training program.

Who are Michelle Payne’s Siblings and Children?

Michelle Payne has six siblings: Stephen (Stevie), Cathy and Patrick. Therese, Bernadette Margaret, Andrew, Andrew and Therese are also siblings. Michelle is her youngest sibling. Brigid and Patrick were the ten Payne children. Therese, Andrews, Bernadette (Cathy), and Bernadette became jockeys. Patrick went on to train horses. Stevie helps Michelle care for her horses at her Ballarat training facility.

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