Perhaps you suddenly realized that there are better cleaning methods than using elbow grease and hours of work. Or maybe you’re proactive about finding ways to improve efficiency and cleanliness in your business.

Commercial floor scrubbers are revolutionizing how everyday cleaners deal with dirt, grease, and grime in high-traffic areas like hospitals, schools, and retail stores.

Gone are the days when cleaning floors at commercial establishments involved a pail of water, soap and a strong back. With industrial floor cleaning machines, businesses can now maintain cleanliness easier and more efficiently. Floor scrubbers, for one, can keep your building presentable and fresh as a primary cleaning tool.

Because a range of models exists in the market, businesses may find it challenging to make a buying decision. They often commit mistakes that result in a waste of money. You must be aware of these mistakes to buy the floor scrubber that best meets your needs.

Before you buy the commercial floor scrubber that you see on WATER, there are some things to remember.


You need to ensure that your cleaning methods are more effective than traditional mop-and-butter.

Commercial floor scrubbers are machines that clean floors. WATER stocks a variety of floor scrubbers. We have small, medium, and large models that can clean all floor sizes.


The size of the area to be scrubbed will play a significant role in choosing the right commercial floor scrubber.

We recommend using a large model commercial floor scrubber to clean large commercial flooring systems. A smaller scrubber can clean smaller and more difficult floor spaces.

Smaller commercial areas can be handled by floor scrubbers such as the Conquest Minimag or Polivac HTML23. These models are small and portable, energy- and water-efficient, lightweight, mobile, easily manoeuvrable, and very quiet.

The medium commercial floor scrubbers can clean large areas. These scrubbers are designed to clean large areas and require efficiency, manoeuvrability, and ease of use. You can choose from a ride-on or a walk-behind version to suit your needs. The catalogue has four models of medium-sized floor scrubbers by top brands.

It would be best to have a machine that can clean large areas such as shopping malls, airports, warehouses, and other commercial spaces.

Large spaces can be time-consuming, so the large floor scrubbers are designed with efficiency and comfort in mind. The stocks Conquest scrubbers are made for large cleaning jobs. There are various ride-on models available to clean and polish your floors.


When purchasing a floor scrubber, be aware of the narrow spaces difficult to reach. Walk-behind scrubbers work better in tight spaces between desks or down aisles.


Power sources are an important consideration if you’re frustrated by tangled power cables or vacuum cords following you around as you work.

You should check whether there are power outlets available for smaller commercial floor scrubbers.

You should also consider whether your floor scrubber will be able to clean your floors with just one charge.

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