Top Exterior House Colours That Trending Right Now

There’s no denying that your home exteriors play a massive role in dictating the overall look & feel of your entire property. The combination of colours present on your front door, trim, siding and other exterior components will surely set the correct tone before any guest steps into your home. Therefore, we suggest you choose your colours wisely. 

To help you in choosing the best possible exterior colours for your home, we have formulated this brilliant guide that you shouldn’t ignore at any cost. So, proceed to read this one thoroughly and you’ll obtain a good idea of what colour you should be selected for the exterior portion of your house. 

Ideal Exterior Colours To Choose For Your Home

  • Blue

According to professional services for exterior decorating in Milton Keynes, if you’re not a fan of neutral colours like white or beige, then going ahead with the blue colour can be a great move. The blue colour goes well with any type of building architecture, so you don’t have to worry about the same. It’s suggested that you consult with an exterior decorator before selecting the correct shade of blue. 

  • Charcoal

If you want your home exteriors to look deep, rich and luxurious, then you need to opt for the charcoal colour scheme. It’s a great colour to paint on natural elements such as stone and wood. 

  • Neutral 

If you’re not into bright colour shades, then you can select neutral colour shades for the same. It should be noted that an all-neutral colour palette will look super-polished with some black accents here and there. If you want to give your home exteriors a much more sophisticated look, then painting the front door and the shutters with the black shade might do the trick. Only use white colour for the trims, so that your house’s exterior elements look clean & crisp. 

  • Grey

Grey is another neutral colour that you can select to paint your house exteriors. The grey colour goes with colours such as turquoise and light blue. For example, you can paint your front door in teal or turquoise colour, while using a bluish-grey colour to paint all your home’s exteriors. 

  • Red

The red colour is a standout colour that’s only meant to be used at the correct place, otherwise, it will look out of place & tacky. Therefore, if you want to use the colour red, then you need to use it for your front door while using the colours such as grey or white for the rest of your house exteriors.

And with that last suggestion wraps up our comprehensive guide. We hope you enjoyed our recommendations, and for any additional queries, don’t forget to connect with us. 

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