Tips for How to Grow a Cleaning Business

We asked a team of experts to share their suggestions for how to increase the growth of the cleaning business. We received answers from the cleaning business’s owners and marketers, SEO experts, HR consultants, and many more.

Find below some valuable suggestions on how to run the cleaning business and control your business’s growth.

David Serville, Owner of Crewcare

I’ve been cleaning for a long time, servicing many schools, offices, and other workplaces through my network of more than 100 franchisees across my home country.

Growing your business in the field of cleaning requires continuous development. Being aware of trends in the industry and technology and constantly enhancing yourself and your employees will ensure that you stay at the forefront of your field. Some cleaners needed to be equipped with the latest computer or digital technology. We’ve managed to train them to utilize our client monitoring system since their job requires it.

We’ve been talking about robots for cleaning, as it’s where the future is, and the technology has to be studied to determine how it can be integrated into our current operations. We discussed a similar subject on our website recently, and you might be interested, too.

David Serville is the CEO of Crewcare Crewcare, an industrial cleaning service located in Auckland, New Zealand.

Melanie Johnson, Marketing Manager of Fantastic Services Group

The most crucial step to expanding a cleaning business is to concentrate on retaining employees, particularly for the cleaners. Give employees the proper training and certification and ensure adequate supervision. Retention of employees is crucial since good, competent, and skilled technicians are only sometimes found. People with expertise have high standards and can only perform their jobs if you provide them with a good contract and enough work and support in managing logistics and customer feedback.

Providing employees with proper training and preparations is essential and will directly impact the overall quality of service and growth of the business. Unfortunately, the cleaning field doesn’t have enough options for qualifications and mentoring opportunities, so you must educate your employees on your own. This is great, but it’s only sometimes the most effective choice to ensure that you meet industry standards and stay at the top of the market.

If it’s about monitoring and providing appropriate feedback, it’s something you should invest in. Cleaning is a dynamic field, and you require someone who can observe your job and make adjustments to give you feedback on improvement.

Melanie Johnson is the marketing manager of Fantastic Services Group, One of Australia’s top home improvement firms. They offer handyman cleaning, pest control, gardening, and garbage removal in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, and more.

Zach Hendrix, Co-founder of GreenPal

A simple strategy that others might have yet to think of to attract more customers to your company is Facebook Groups. Particularly the local groups on Facebook.

Whatever your industry or sector, you can join a Facebook group to participate in the discussions or answer questions. You can also create a presence on the platform to introduce clients to your company if they’re searching specifically for what you have to offer.

Facebook recently unveiled a mobile app to assist their groups’ communities. It’s now simpler than ever before to manage groups you join, track the conversations, and participate in discussions while traveling all day.

We have found this method to be highly effective for our customers. We keep track of local groups and neighborhood groups. In addition, when someone is seeking an opinion on a lawn service, we inform them of our GreenPal community. We then track the results, and about 60 percent of the time, we offer a recommendation, and people sign up for our service. This method can be applied to nearly any business in any industry.

Zach Hendrix, Co-founder of GreenPal, best known as Uber in Lawn Care.

Dawna Boone, Valet Maids

There are a variety of factors that contribute to enhancing the growth of a cleaning company. Two critical elements to advancing a cleaning business are having a high-quality staff and regular clients. Hiring only skilled cleaners and testing their cleaning skills is recommended before letting them visit the customer’s home.

It is equally crucial, not just for their skill; they must also be professional and effectively represent your business. A well-trained team of cleaners can make it much easier to sell one-time customers and make them recurring customers. If the cleaners provide subpar service, the customer will not return and most likely will share the negative experiences. However, if they had an excellent experience, they will refer your business to friends and family. Therefore, establishing a solid foundation of quality cleaning services is crucial.

It is also crucial to know your ideal market and the perfect customer. Marketing and advertising to those who have homes can result in a substantial amount of cash spent and wasted. Residential cleaners may serve various niches, ranging from busy professionals living in condos to apartments and townhomes. They could prefer to service families outside the city. Whatever your niche and intended market, it is essential to comprehend these customers’ requirements and address their issues in your marketing message. This will enable your brand to be a hit with the target audience and help bring in more customers.

It is crucial to scale up the company in a controlled manner and not simply accept any client. Rapid growth could result in lower quality, complaints from customers, and slowing growth in the longer term. Developing a cleaning business takes time, and paying attention to the quality of cleaning services and getting regular customers is essential.

Dawna Boone is from Valet Maids, a domestic cleaning company offering busy professionals working in the Dallas area more time to do things they like.


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