The Ultimate Pricing Guide for Home Cleaning Services

We can help you if you feel overwhelmed by the task of cleaning your home and all other responsibilities. We have compiled everything you need about home cleaning costs and more.

This guide will help you find the best prices for professional cleaning services, from add-ons to cost-savers to different types of services. Let’s get started to see if a maid service for your home is right for us.

Your Home’s Size

Your home’s size will majorly affect the cost of home cleaning. During your initial consultation, your home cleaning professional will ask you how many bathrooms and bedrooms your house has.

Cleaning costs vary depending on how big your house is. Cleaning a 6-bedroom house will take more time than cleaning a studio apartment. Also, consider the number of bathrooms.

Knowing the size of your job will help you and your crew determine how much time it will take to complete your cleaning services. This will ensure that all necessary supplies are provided.

The condition of your home

It cannot be easy to live a full life. The chaos of daily life can seem endless, regardless of whether you live alone or with four children. Your home’s condition will affect how long it takes to clean your house. Before we start, we will ask you some questions about the current state of your home.

Do not worry about the mess, no matter how overwhelming it may seem. We are professionals who have seen it all. You can do some things to save money and streamline your cleaning.

Begin by removing clothes that are not in keeping with the colors and surfaces. Although we don’t need to clean your house before we do, picking up clothes can help our crew get started on deeper cleaning. You can ask us to remove any items you don’t wish to have cleaned or touched.

Take stock of the condition of your home before you start to estimate a price. It will take longer if there are additional cleaning requirements or add-ons. Add-ons include cleaning carpets, inside appliances and laundry.

Type of cleaning

The price will depend on the cleaning requested. For example, a small apartment cleaning will be priced differently than a large home’s move-out cleaning.

Moving in or out requires more time cleaning inside cabinets, appliances and windows. To ensure the job is completed correctly, these cleans take longer. These cleans are done by us so that you can move into your new house.

A deep clean is more expensive than a simple clean. Home deep cleaning is great for seasonal cleans or when you need to reach those difficult-to-reach areas and areas you don’t clean often. Do not waste your weekend doing a deep clean.

Your family and friends will be safe and well-informed if you do a disinfecting clean. Safety against COVID-19 and other viruses is our top priority with all that’s happening worldwide.

Cleaning frequency

Although it may seem counterintuitive, cleaning your house regularly will help you save money. However, the more you clean, the easier it will be. We don’t need to clean the entire house every time.

It isn’t easy to reach appliances, baseboards, ceiling fans, and inside windows. Their condition will improve if they are cleaned more often.

A discount is also available for regular cleanings. A larger team of professionals will usually take longer to complete individual or one-off cleanings.

You can relax knowing that we will care for all your recurring needs when you hire us. We will take care of all the cleaning so you can spend your weekends relaxing and enjoying your free time.


We always have our cleaning supplies. Our professional-grade products ensure a deep clean. Additional products may be required depending on what cleaning method you select.

We can provide carpet cleaning or other disinfecting services if needed.

Additional Services

Add-ons are a major factor in determining the cost of cleaning services. These add-ons are perfect for when you have different cleaning needs. Let us know what you need, whether you want them cleaned weekly or as often as you like.

Additional services include cleaning your fridge, changing your bed linens, cleaning your cabinets and completing your laundry. We can clean any difficult-to-reach places such as inside your windows, baseboards, fans, light fixtures and more.

We’re happy to assist you with any special requests, such as folding laundry or cleaning in a china cabinet or a curio. We’re happy to do whatever we can to make your life easier.

The more you clean, the more you save

There are additional cost savings when you hire us for your regular cleaning. A regular professional cleaning will benefit your furniture, appliances, flooring, and other items. Cleaning costs should be based on the life expectancy of your items.

Appliances that are not cleaned regularly will stop working as well. A professional cleaning will give you more value for your money, whether it’s grime on the tile or a dirty oven. Consider the cleaning money as an investment in your home.

A professional cleaning will save you money and avoid the need to replace tiles, flooring, or appliances. You’ll also be a blessing to your duct and vent system. Dirt, pet hair, and dust can all get in your HVAC system. Regular cleaning can help to prevent buildup and keep your home running smoothly.

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