ProTeam Goes Cordless with the GoFree® Flex Pro II Backpack Vacuum

Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is a market-leading company in the field of productivity and safety. Emerson (NYSE: EMR), a leader in safety and productivity, is delighted to announce the introduction of ProTeam’s commercial backpack vacuum called the GoFree Flex Pro II. This 6-quart unit offers flexibility and convenience to professional cleaners with efficient cordless operation and a sophisticated filtering system.

“The GoFree Flex Pro II is the ideal cordless cleaning solution executed with the end-user in mind,” said Matt Reimers, vice president and general manager of the ProTeam at Emerson. “We know how difficult cleaning and vacuuming can be and we’re excited to launch a product that’s not only comfortable but adds a new level of freedom.”

Enjoy increased productivity. Thanks to GoFree Flex Pro II, you can enjoy increased productivity. GoFree Flex Pro II users are not tied to cords, allowing faster and safer movement between work areas. Furthermore, the vacuum comes with a power switch high/low that allows you to tackle everyday routine cleaning tasks, but also more difficult and messy tasks like the collection of large quantities of dirt and dust in areas that are crowded with traffic. ProTeam’s latest backpack vacuum has extended runtimes – 106 minutes when at low and 75 mins when on high.

Find comfort. Since ergonomics is an essential element of ProTeam’s vacuums, this GoFree Flex Pro II is constructed using the company’s patent-pending FlexFit(r) articulated harness. The harness can be adjusted to the movements of the person’s shoulders, hips, and back, which in turn improves comfort and decreases fatigue. The triangular design of the vacuum is a perfect fit for the contours of the back, which helps to reduce the chance of accidents with walls and doors. The harness’s open-weave fabric helps to disperse heat when in use.

Breathe better. It is a breeze. GoFree Flex Pro II also features advanced filtering via the ProLevel Filtration(r) Systems. This multi-layer method of cleaner air comes with four levels of filtration, which can reduce asthma triggers and allergens. Triggers in the indoor air.

Additionally, the exclusive ProTeam suction-vacuuming method helps remove dirt from carpets and hard surfaces without mixing up dust. This ensures that the air is kept cleaner. Furniture will collect less dust, and workers will be able to work without breathing harmful air.

Find out more on GoFree Flex Pro II. GoFree Flex Pro II. Other features include a 1000-hour charging cycle as well as the easy-to-read charge status in the center of the device. For more information or to schedule a demo, visit

About Emerson

Emerson (NYSE: EMR) is an international technology and software firm that provides innovative solutions to the most important industries in the world. Through its premier automation portfolio, which includes its largest shareholding of AspenTech, Emerson helps hybrid manufacturing, process, and discrete companies optimize their operations to ensure the safety of employees while reducing emissions and achieving their sustainability targets. To learn more, go to

About ProTeam

ProTeam vacuums by Emerson come with an ergonomic and innovative design that allows professional cleaners to be more efficient. They are designed to be easy and comfortable to use. Emerson’s ProTeam vacuums help save time and money and also improve the quality of indoor air. For more information on ProTeam products, contact 1-866-888-2168 or go to

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