Office Cleaning Checklist: Daily, Weekly and Monthly Tasks

If you employ in-house office cleaners or you contract out an office cleaning company, A detailed list for your daily, weekly, and monthly cleaning of your office can ensure a clean and clean workplace.

Daily Tasks

The daily office cleaning chores include an agenda for your reception area, bathroom, or toilets, as well as the kitchen or pantry area. This includes basic vacuum cleaning, mopping, dusting, and mopping to keep your office clean.

Reception and office areas:

  1. Remove garbage bins from the kitchen tak, take garbage bags out, and
  2. Vacuum covers and knots.
  3. Clean or sweep hard floors.
  4. Furniture and office equipment that is dusty, such as seating areas, workstations, tables, and computers.
  5. Infect surfaces on a level surface by using a moist cloth.
  6. Make sure to clean the hard floors using disinfectant cleaners.
  7. Clean light changes and methods to expel fingerprints and various impressions.
  8. Cleanse the glass windows as well as the entryways to the inside.
  9. Clean surfaces and Dividers.

Toilets and bathrooms:

  1. Refill your paper towels, toilet soap, and paper.
  2. Infect toilets and urinals with disinfectant.
  3. Clean mirrors, windows, and glass.
  4. Clean bathroom surfaces, including handles for entry, as well as towels or hand dryers.
  5. Clean the lines and eliminate the watermarks.
  6. Tiles and flooring made of mop.

The kitchen or the pantry

  1. Clean out garbage bins and then take out garbage bags and replace them.
  2. Cleanse counters, sinks, tables and chairs.
  3. Coffee makers, microwaves, and ovens that are clean, and the rest of your kitchen appliances.
  4. Refill dishes, towels, dishwashing liquid, and hand soap.
  5. Mop kitchen floors.

Download our daily checklist for office cleaning below!

Weekly Tasks

Here’s a list of things that you must complete each week.

  1. Polish all floors with hard surfaces.
  2. Clean the outside surfaces on the glass.
  3. Cleanse and clean deep-clean refrigerators, microwaves, refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances.
  4. Cleanse telephones and consoles.
  5. Vacuum and clean carpets and mats.
  6. Tiles and sinks are scrubbed in kitchens and bathrooms.

Monthly Tasks

The cleaning of the office space must be carried out every 4 to 6 weeks.

  1. Vacuum vents, office furniture, and material.
  2. Clean the window curtains.
  3. Clean up and dust off difficult-to-access or secluded areas (i.e., around the tops of windows and cabinets, ceiling fans, etc. ).
  4. Polish any furniture made of wood and wood surfaces.
  5. Clean and organize closets and office drawers, and dispose of unnecessary papers and documents.

Download our monthly and weekly cleaning checklist templates below!

Keeping Your Office Clean

Once you’ve mastered the various steps you can take to ensure your office is spotless, now is the time to start implementing this checklist of cleaning starting now. This will ensure that the office appears clean and clean all the time. You could also outsource cleaning for the routine inspections of your workplace.


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