Medical Office Cleaning Service in hospital

It is now more important than ever to maintain a clean office environment. This is especially true with the Covid-19 virus pandemic that continues to spread. Your patients come to you expecting help in feeling better. They don’t think about getting sick at the office. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), however, reports that five percent of patients come down with a germ-borne infection. You need to hire a reliable medical office cleaning company for this reason.

We are aware of the importance of every type of medical service – primary care clinics and mental health clinics, as well as dental offices and chiropractors. Regularly clean and disinfect the building. It doesn’t matter if it’s the entrance, the waiting room, the restroom, or the area where doctors work with their patients; it must be cleaned and disinfected safely. This is a serious matter, as there are so many things at stake, including the health of your patients, their safety, and your reputation.

Why would you hire a commercial cleaning company that does not make the same efforts to protect your staff and patients? Commercial Cleaning Services is committed to maintaining the highest standards for our medical office cleaning services.

Electrostatic Disinfection

To achieve the highest level of disinfection possible, we use an induction-charged electric sprayer. Our disinfectants are approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This process is effective in preventing the spread of illnesses such as COVID-19. This process also disinfects when a confirmed positive case has occurred. This method has been proven to keep you healthy and safe!

Our staff is trained in Cleaning and disinfection. Since we have been in the cleaning industry for over 35 years, we’ve cleaned everything!

It Works

This type of disinfection involves spraying a mist electrostatically charged onto the surface to be cleaned. This is done by spraying a solution that has been atomized in the sprayer.

Positively charged particles are the result. The particles will stick to all surfaces and objects in your medical office.

It is ideal for hard-to-reach and oddly shaped places. The solution can be sprayed on the surface and will cover it completely. The sanitizing solution then begins the disinfection.

Why it’s better

Electrostatic disinfection provides better disinfection performance. Here’s why. This cleaning method has a lot of advantages. Here are some examples.

  • Disinfection is faster and more effective
  • Improved infection control
  • Chemicals should not be used excessively
  • Your business can operate at maximum capacity if you prevent sickness and the spread of disease.

We will clean all surfaces in your medical office. This includes the walls, floors, and other surfaces. It includes areas with high traffic and those that are hard to reach. You can rest assured that your feelings will be cleaned safely and thoroughly. We will also schedule your service throughout the entire year. You can stay organized and simple with a solid cleaning schedule. Commercial Cleaning Services will always be on time and do the job quickly. You’ll be able to relax knowing that Commercial Cleaning Services will take care of your cleaning needs.

Medical Cleaning Experts

Commercial Cleaning has a vast knowledge of medical office cleaning. We understand the difference between cleanness and sterility. Our hospital-grade solutions will ensure that your medical facility remains safe for both staff and patients. You can rely on our decades of experience to get the job done correctly so that you can concentrate on your other business.

The best way to disinfect your business is with electrostatic disinfection. If you want to eliminate soil and germs, then electrostatic disinfection is the best method. Let’s face it: that’s what we all want! Click the button to find out more.

We look forward to working with you.


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