Marketing Your Cleaning Business

A smart marketing strategy can help you decide the best steps to take to communicate with potential customers and where to find information.

Marketing cleaning services requires you to define your brand, communicate it to the public and deliver on your services. You can grow your business and your network by understanding the most useful marketing tools.

Marketing: What is it?

Marketing is the process of promoting and selling your business. Marketing is the process of communicating your product/service to customers or potential clients to expand your network.

Sometimes marketing is confused with sales. While they can be complementary, they cannot be interchangeable. Clear marketing goals and strategies open the door to sales conversations. However, you must create a marketing plan before you can start selling your business.

Marketing’s Four P’s

These four cornerstones will assist you in developing a comprehensive marketing strategy for cleaning services.


Although a product is generally a tangible product, it can also refer to a service or good that you want to market. Knowing and establishing your marketable niche can help you determine the best way to promote your cleaning business.


Set prices for the services you will offer. A consistent and clear pricing structure will make it easier to negotiate with clients and create service agreements.


Promotion is a key aspect of any marketing plan. It involves many elements that communicate your message effectively.

  • Advertisements
  • Social media strategies
  • Public relations
  • Email marketing
  • Search engine marketing, such as Google Adwords
  • Video Marketing

These tools and outlets can be used to amplify your message if they are used correctly.


Your marketing efforts for cleaning services will be optimized if you understand the customer base you want to reach. Place is a term that describes where you plan to sell your product or services both online and offline.

Create a marketing plan for cleaning businesses

A comprehensive marketing strategy will help you understand the mission and goals of your cleaning company. It is important to decide which cleaning services your business will offer, and what goals you have for marketing it.

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