Is a Maid Worth the Money or Should I Clean Myself?

Hiring a maid or housekeeping service might appear to be the ultimate convenience for many of us. However, your time is money, and the time you’re putting into cleaning your kitchen floor can be more profitable and enjoyable if you spend it elsewhere.

If you take a term borrowed from economics, you’re committing an opportunity cost.


  • Your time could be better spent on something other than cleaning. Maybe it may be time to hire the services of a professional cleaning company.
  • What is the value of your time? Consider your hourly wage with the price of the cleaning services.
  • Spending money on services you can make yourself is an expense. Be sure you’re taking charge of the essentials first.

What Does a Maid Cost?

Based on Thumbtack, a home service company, a cleaning service is priced between $40 and $65 an hour, on average, based on your location in 2021. The cost can range from $80-$110 for a small space to $150-$250 for a house with 2,000 square feet. 1 Some charge an hourly rate, while others are based on the property size.

If your maid comes more frequently, you’ll typically receive discounts between $5 and $10 per visit. Each visit will cost lesser than the monthly ones.

The prices listed above are for professional companies. Local freelancers sourced through word-of-mouth could be significantly lower or even more.

Based on the average, professional cleaning services can cost anywhere from 40 to $65 per hour. 1

What Is Your Time Worth to You?

Each decision that we make in our lives has an associated price. Some of our choices are financial, while others require us to surrender other things, like time.

You can utilize chance cost to determine the value of your time. If you make $40 an hour of work or $65 an hour, you could consider your time worth that amount. If your job costs $65 an hour, and your maid is charged 40 dollars per hour, your time should be used elsewhere.

But, if your time is worth 30 cents per hour, and the maid’s fee is $40 an hour, you should do the cleaning yourself. It’s more economical.

Do You Want a Cleaner Home?

Hiring a maid might be worth considering if you do your house cleaning frequently, or at most every once in a while but would like to be happier with the results.

Certain people are better at cleaning than other people.

There’s a middle option. You can limit the professional services you receive to once or twice monthly and then promise to keep the area tidy and clean between visits.

A few minutes every day devoted to regular cleaning will be okay. If you have assistance from a professional, your home can be cleaner than before.

Consider Your Budget

Suppose you’re carrying any outstanding credits on your card and loan with high-interest rates. In that case, you should concentrate on paying them off before you spend money on cleaning services or any other discretionary expense.

It’s the same for achieving other requirements, including necessities of living, emergency savings, and retirement savings.

Whatever you look at the cost, the maid service isn’t something you need but want.

Independent vs. Corporate Maid Services

If you can pay for a maid and would like to get one, there are many choices to consider. Most crucial is choosing between an independent maid and an organization that provides home cleaning services.

Independent maids are generally cheaper than traditional ones, and 100% of your spending is paid directly to your service. A family member or friend can suggest the best candidate.

Professional services companies, however, could have assurance, proper background checks, and greater security. The scheduling process is usually flexible because the companies employ multiple workers.


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