How To Price Window Cleaning Jobs (Pricing Guide)

How Do Window Cleaners Charge?

Window cleaners employ various strategies to determine the amount they will charge for window cleaning services, particularly for residential window cleaning. Offices and large buildings are typically set according to the square footage. Window cleaners are the most common choice. Charging pane-by-pane or based on the number of windows in bigger buildings could be more efficient.

A smaller house is typically given a flat cost per window, as there aren’t enough windows to charge pane-by-pane. If the home is moderately sized, cleaning companies will typically bill pane-by-pane in the range of $2 to $7 per one or more windows.

In homes with large spaces where counting pane by pane can be difficult or too costly, It’s not uncommon to charge an hourly fee. The average hourly window cleaning charge varies from $40 to $75.

Factors That Determine the Cost of A Window Cleaning

Are you undecided on how much to charge for window washing? Whatever window cleaning cost guidelines you study, there are certain factors that affect the price of the window cleaning service you choose to use.

Here are some common elements that could affect your personal price list for window cleaning.

Consider Your Supply List

When creating your price list for window cleaning, be sure to take your time and discover the top products and which you most frequently use. If you’re beginning the process of starting a window washing business, you’re usually better to invest in high-end and expensive equipment than the equipment and supplies that you’ll need to replace frequently.

Insuring that you have reliable and high-quality equipment will mean that you’re less likely down work because of equipment that is malfunctioning or waiting for an upgrade.

The most crucial item of equipment is your washing machine that can vary from pressure washers to simple squeegee and bucket approach. Both can do the job but the best option for you will be determined by the amount of work you’re planning to take on and how many employees you are able to work with simultaneously.


The frequency at which your client’s windows need to be cleaned frequently depends on the area they reside in. If they reside or work in the city where dirt and other debris accumulate on the windows quicker than those in rural areas it is recommended to schedule an appointment for a window cleaning at minimum every month.

If your customers reside in suburbs you can recommend scheduling cleanings at least twice a month. Although your clients may wish to clean their windows between scheduled appointments, do not encourage them to wash their windows too often.

The chemicals used for cleaning them could cause corrosion to the glass in the event of frequent use. A damaged or broken window isn’t a washable window that results in less money for you.

Types of Windows

Window types can be classified on commercial buildings or a home based on their appearance: simple and complicated. The kind of window you choose will aid in determining the price of window cleaning. Windows with complex designs are more difficult to clean and take longer to clean, whereas simple windows aren’t as labor-intensive.

Windows with Simple Designs

Large windows that have little or none panes are the type of windows you will see on many residential and commercial structures. Because of their design, such windows are generally simpler and cheaper to maintain.

A few examples of these kinds of windows are:

  • Picture windows
  • Double-hung or single-hung windows
  • Casement
  • Bay

As there are many basic windows in commercial buildings, and only a few panes, you must be careful not to charge pane by pane as you could be charged less for the services you provide.

Windows with no or one pane are also popular in residential properties, particularly in rental homes because they’re the least expensive and easiest to clean, however windows with between two and four panes are the norm for homes with a lot of residents.

A charge of around $7 per pane would cost you between $14 and $28 per window.

In light of that, it is possible to create an affordable cost per window. Instead of charging $14 per pane, you could round upwards to 15 for pane with two panes window, or $33 for a four-pane window.

The price hike may seem small and is a great thing for customers however, it adds up. Additionally, rounding the price helps you calculate your profit a more straightforward.

Windows with complex Designs

Windows with intricate designs are most common in residential areas and on old structures. Due to their style, the windows are difficult to maintain. Some examples of windows that have a complicated designs include:

  • Bow
  • Architectural shapes
  • Transom

Windows with different architectural shapes can be found in various sizes, but they can also come with many or unusually-shaped panes.

The idea of charging per pane on these windows is the most lucrative option If you decide to charge a fee per pane, you can charge your customer around 350 dollars for a single window. It’s a good option for you, however you may lose a significant customer base. If you are charging per pane You may want to reduce your cost per pan.

A more efficient method of charging for windows with architectural designs or stained glass is to charge an affordable flat cost. Make sure you don’t go over $150 per window, as the average cost for windows in homes that are cleaned for regular simple windows is less than $150 for the entire home.


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