How to Get Smoke Smell Out of your House

Stale smoke is a welcome smell, especially if you’re not a smoker. In 2020 12.5% of Americans were smokers. Perhaps a former occupant of your house smoked. This guide will show you how to get rid of smoke quickly smells from your home and furnishings.

Cleaning requirements depend on the time the smoker was present and the frequency with which they smoked. Third-hand smoke is what causes the odor. It can linger on furniture, curtains, clothing, walls, and even the walls. This guide will show you how to eliminate the smoke smell from your house. We’ve provided easy steps and highlighted products and tools that will help.

How to get rid of the smoke smell

These simple steps will make it easy to eliminate unpleasant odors quickly. You can quickly and easily remove the smoke smell from your walls and furniture.

1 – Start by getting rid of all items that are related to smoking

Any item that has a cigarette in them will retain the offensive odor. To eliminate the foul smell, throw away all ashtrays, cigarette packets, lighters, and cigarette butts.

2 – Open all windows in your house

To get rid of smoke smells from house furniture, you can open all windows immediately. When using harsh cleaning products, it is essential to ensure that windows are open before cleaning.

3 – Increase air circulation

To increase air circulation and speed up the elimination of the smell, use two ventilators. One ventilator is sufficient to move air around the room. Place the second ventilator near a window or other opening to further expel the stale.

Mix 50/50 hot water with white vinegar. Spray bottles and rags are needed to clean all surfaces. You can also include decorations like doors, windows, cabinets, fan blades, and light fixtures. To clean the floor, use a mop or bucket and the same mixture of water & vinegar.

4 – Clean carpets and fabric-covered surfaces

Baking soda can be used to clean your home. It neutralizes odor molecules. Spread it on your carpets and fabrics and let it sit for a few days. Next, vacuum and steam-clean your carpet if necessary.

5 –  Machine washable, laundry-safe fabrics

All washer-safe cushion covers, curtains, pillows, sofa covers, cushions, and linens can be put into the washing machine. First, wash the items with.5 cups of white vinegar, then rinse them with your regular detergent. Allow them to air dry outdoors until they are clean.

6 – Replace HVAC filters and clean HVAC ducts

Any HVAC filters that have accumulated odor molecules should be replaced. You could also use a carbon (activated coal) filter to remove odors. Clean out all air ducts.

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